Considering highly nutritious vegetables/Nutrition/health0 (0)

Considering highly nutritious vegetables/Nutrition/health
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Considering highly nutritious vegetables is important for overall human health and nutrition.This article covers an insight to the importance of vegetables as well as checking on some healthy ones.A little bit of research and consciousness can make a huge difference to what you are consuming and its impact.This post analyzes the importance of picking the…

Turmeric-The most versatile spice0 (0)

Turmeric-The most versatile spice
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What is turmeric Turmeric or curcuma longa is one of the most versatile spices used as a natural colorant adding some distinctive flavor and taste to foods and dishes.It is a flowering plant in the ginger family. In India’s Vedic civilization, where it was used as a culinary spice and had some religious significance, turmeric has been utilised forapproximately 4000 years.The cultural significance of turmeric in India is unbeatable.It is used as an auspicious spice during festivities and…

A short description on Indian tea0 (0)

A short description on Indian tea
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Indian tea and the craze attached to this caffinated beverage in unbeatable.Because of its high consumption,India has become one of the largest tea producers in the world, although over 70 percent of its tea is consumed within India itself. A number of renowned teas, such as Assamese Darjeeling, also grow exclusively in India. The Indian tea…

Noodle in India and the varieties0 (0)

Noodle in India and the varieties
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Noodle is one of the most loved food in Asian countries.From children,school goers to adults,the craze for noodle is never ending. Noodle is one of the most important traditional staple food in Asia.It is typically made from unleavened wheat dough and are stretched, rolled, and then cut into different shapes. Noodle account for approximately 20%–50% of the…

Tomato onion curry(tamatar curry)0 (0)

Tomato onion curry(tamatar curry)
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Tomato onion curry is a delicious indian savory cooked within 10 minutes.This tomato dish needs least ingredients which are easily available.Tomato onion curry tastes too good with dal rice or roti. Ever searched for famous tomato recipes?Scroll a bit for this quick recipe to give your food extra taste and the exotic flavor of…

Tomato-Description and health benefits0 (0)

Tomato-Description and health benefits
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Tomatoes are the red juicy fruits that are considered as vegetables by nutrition experts. Botanically, a fruit is a ripened flower ovary and contains seeds. Tomatoes, zucchinis, and melons are all edible fruits.Tomatoes which are also called by names like tomat,pomodoro,tomate,tamatar,tamatem and by other names in different parts of the globe is one of the…

Fruit raita recipe/Indian food and recipes
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Fruit raita is a yogurt based fruity Indian side dish.One of the healthiest yogurt recipe check on.It is a quick 10 minutes recipe and grabbing a bowl of fruit raita is an absolute delight.Fruits are not only used for juices or desserts but also used for these kind of authentic savory. It is a delicious…

The magic spice cumin/jeera0 (0)

The magic spice cumin/jeera
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Indian kitchens are incomplete without raw spices and cumin is one of the flavorful spice used in different foods,drinks and dishes. The taste if cumin is different than chilli or turmeric.Cumin seeds are also used in ancient Ayurveda to treat diseases.In Indian kitchen you will surely find a small container of cumin which is added…

History of Indian desserts0 (0)

History of Indian desserts
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The origin and history of indian desserts has been traced to at least 500 BCE when, records suggest, both raw sugar and refined sugar were being produced. By the Gupta dynasty era (300–500 CE), sugar was being made not only from sugar cane, but also from palm.0Sugar-based foods were also used in temple offerings as pradhad/bhoga for…

The vegetarian diet
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Vegetarian diet has its own ways of nurturing human body to the fullest.Being vegetarian I can say it gives you the required energy, nutrition and health.The varieties in vegetarian foods are endless. Starting from vegetables,fruits or pulses vegetarian diet is a great way to cherish the natural food options readily available on this earth.As we…

Cheese sandwich recipe/how to make healthy cheese sandwich at home0 (0)

Cheese sandwich recipe/how to make healthy cheese sandwich at home
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cheese sandwich is one of the most delicious and simple recipe one can easily make.This healthy sandwich recipe is super delicious in taste.I have used chenna which is also known Indian farmers cheese for this sandwich. When it comes to sandwiches, it is one of our comfort food and also easy to make.This cheese sendwich…

How to make aloo baigan sabji/potato aubergine curry0 (0)
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How to make aloo baigan sabji/potato aubergine curry
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Aloo baigan sabji is a classic combination of vegetables which can be cooked in a simple manner and also can be cooked spicey. This is a very regular curry in Indian homes.The good part about the recipe today is, it is a one pot quick recipe.Whenever in a hurry or tired to put efforts…

How to make sahi aloo dum/Shahi aloo dum recipe
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Shahi aloo dum is one of the best recipe made using aloo/potatoes.This creamy and delicious shahi aloo dum is a delight you should never miss on. Shahi aloo dum is a creamy Indian potato dish.Generally while making such exotic food we think if so many spices and ingredients but the amazing part about this recipe…

Rajasthanti mangodi sabji recipe/Indian food0 (0)

Rajasthanti mangodi sabji recipe/Indian food
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Mangodi sabji is a traditional rajasthani cuisine and a very delicious curry type.This Indian curry is made using dried lentil dumplings. As the name mongodi mentions, It is a very unquie way of preserving yellow lentils by making mini dumplings out of it and then eventually using it to make curry and dishes.…

Dal bhaji recipe/How to make dal bhaji/Indian recipe0 (0)

Dal bhaji recipe/How to make dal bhaji/Indian recipe
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Dal bhaji is a very flavorful and tasty Indian dal/lentil recipe.As the name says,it is a very delicious combination of daal which is lentil and bhaji is a fried vegetable dish. This dal bhaji is cooked the same way, bhaji in paav is cooked with a twist of lentils in it.The flavors and the taste…

How to make Leafy wafer wraps/Bhaji papad wraps recipe0 (0)

How to make Leafy wafer wraps/Bhaji papad wraps recipe
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This healthy crispy leafy wafer wraps are just to authentic in taste.This version of salad is a great combination.Most of the time we prefer raw veggies inside these wafers but these leafy stuffing makes it different than the other wafer wraps. Indian wafer which is famously known as papad is a mediumly…

How to make kheer/Rice Kheer recipe/rice pudding0 (0)

How to make kheer/Rice Kheer recipe/rice pudding
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Hello world!!🙏Welcome back to the kitchen of flavorful Indian foods,dishes and desserts.Kheer/Indian rice pudding is one of the most classic and traditional dessert across India. This classic Indian cuisine is a perfect serve,if you are craving for something exotic. Rice pudding is one of the most famous and popular make at home dessert.Kheer is a…

Tomato garlic long beans/how to cook long beans0 (0)

Tomato garlic long beans/how to cook long beans
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Tomato garlic beans is a very unique way to give an authentic taste to the regular beans curry.The smokey flavor of roasted tomato and garlic flakes combines so well with long beans. This delicious curry blends nicely with rice, tortilla/chapati.Tomato garlic long beans is a flavorful recipe and the spices and ingredients…

How to make butter at home/Makkhan recipe0 (0)

How to make butter at home/Makkhan recipe
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Making fresh butter at home is the best thing to do.This is by far one of the best recipe I have put here.Nothing can beat the taste and texture of home made fresh butter/makkhan. This Indian butter/makkhan is very smooth and soft in texture.It is made by the cream collected from whole…