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How to make parsley chutney/dhania patta chutney recipe

Hello world! Welcome again to a little messy but the most delicious hub of food, tips and tricks..writing about curries and many other dishes ,but today I have brought the most delicious and famous chutney all over India, the vary authentic parsley chutney which is called as Dhania patta ki chutney.As we all know parsley…

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How to make crispy namkeen/namkeen recipe

This is one of the most delicious, crispy and famous namkeen/snack made using all purpose flour/maida,oil, salt and carom seeds. Hello world!!welcome to the most amazing and tasty recipes full of flavors..Today I have brought a very delicious and crispy Indian snack recipe , called as namkeen. It is a very famous snack item in…

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How to make bhindi masala/spicey okra recipe

Delicious bhindi masala with a flavourful touch of spices sautéed in onions and oil for prefect taste to roll with tortilla/roti or rice. Hello everyone..welcome to the great food recipes made in simplest ways possible and the delicacy hidden in home-cooked meals and food..Today I have brought a very delicious and yummy spicy okra recipe…

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how to make fafda/gujrati fafda recipe

This is one of the most simple and delicious fafda recipe and the taste and texture is amazing. hello everyone!!welcome back to the hub of delicious home-cooked delicacies, full of taste and flavor including some food experiments..the recipe I have brought today is all about a snack item known as fafda..It is one of the…

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How to make aloo bhindi/classic aloo bhindi recipe

Aloo bhindi is one of the most common dry curry in Indian families..Okra which is called as bhindi blends perfectly well with some chopped potatoes..The recipe I have brought today is simple enough with minimum ingredients..This a dry curry which is stir fried in oil..The taste is absolutely amazing with lesser amount of spices added….

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How to make daal fry/daal fry recipe/daily tadka recipe

Delicious and simple recipe to make daal fry with chopped tomato, onions and some regular spices. Hello everyone👋 Daal fry is a very popular lentil recipe across India and at every Indian restaurants..It is called by many other names like daal tadka,daal masala..It is a very delicious recipe which is made using boiled lentils and…

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How to make fried rice/fried rice recipe

Delicious and yummy rice ,fried in tomatoes, onions and some easily available spices in the kitchen. hello everyone 👋 welcome again to the home-cooked authentic and delicious food hub with simple and amazing cooking tricks and tips to make food extra delicious and yummy. Are you bored of the regular plain rice??actually I get bored…

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How to make aloo gobi stir fry/gobi recipe/fried cauliflower

This is delicious aloo gobi stir fry is a simple and delicious dry curry recipe.Easy to make and delicious in taste. As winter making its way, the variety in vegetables also making way through..Cauliflower/foolgobi is one of the most delicious vegetable..I call it delicious because I find the taste of cauli flower really unique in…

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How to make shimla mirch /fried capsicum recipe/Varma shimla mirch recipe

This is a very delicious shimla mirch/capsicum recipe.Fried in a spicey mixture of gram flour and spices.. Hello everyone. As we all know capsicum is a very rich vegetable, also rich in antioxidants and vitamins.It is cultivated worldwide..It has its own very strong flavor and taste and people are cooking this veggie in variety of…

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How to make soft and fluffy dhokla

This is one of the most delicious and fluffy dhokla recipe made by a mixture of semolina/suji and besan.. Before I have put a dhokla recipe that is vegetable suji dhokla and the link is here.. https://vegrecipesandcooking.com/index.php/2022/08/25/vegitable-suji-dhokla-recipe-salted-semolina-steamed-cakes/ The recipe of both the dhokla is completely different and the taste is also different..When it comes to…

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How to make boondi raita/raita recipe

Boondi raita is a famous Indian dish made by curd and mini gram flour fritters, that is known as boondi..It is one of my favorite and the most delicious dish to combine with rice or roti/tortilla..I personally prefer raita during my lunch time and the process of making boondi raita is soo simple..but I got…

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How to make mudhi/masala mudhi recipe/ how to fry murmura

Mudhi/ puffed rice is one of the most famous and crispy Indian snack..It is being sold in many street corners as aloo mudhi or masala mudhi in India. Hello guys! Another recipe here straight from my kitchen..How many of you know about puffed rice?? fondly known as mudhi in India..It is one of crispiest snack…

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How to make thepla/Indian Flatbread recipe/Gujrati thepla recipe

Thepla is a soft Indian Flatbread/paratha made using a mixture of flours and spices..It is a Gujrati cuisine and one of the most amazing variety in Flatbreads.Thepla is mainly a breakfast recipe and is often combined with curd or pickles..Also you can have this with your favorite chutney.. Making of thepla is an easy process.We…

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How to make bread pakora at home/bread fritters recipe

Bread pakora are the delicious snack items made by using bread slices and then by dipping them in gram flour batter with or without stuffing. hello guys. Welcome back to the hub of home-cooked delicacies and the taste and flavors of India.Today I have brought a very delicious and simple to make snack recipe BREAD…

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How to make khandvi /Gujrati khandvi recipe

khandvi is a very popular snack item from Gujrat,India..It is one of the most famous and delicious snack in gujrat and is made using very simple ingredients in the kitchen..It is made using gram flour that is besan, curd and some very easily available spices ..Basically its a 15 minutes recipe but simple to make…..

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How to cook long beans/barbati sabji

This is one of the most regular and nice recipe..every once in a while,we all cook long beans/shake beans..but Today I have brought the recipe of how we cook long bean in our family..Its a super simple recipe, We mostly mix potato with these long beans for an even more enhanced taste..The combination is absolutely…

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How to make tomato chutney/delicious tamatar chutney recipe

This is a very delicious 10 minutes tomato chutney recipe made using tomato, jaggery and some easily available spices in our kitchen. Hello guys ! Today I have brought a very delicious chutney recipe amazing in taste and super simple to make..Chutneys are always our favorite dips and always gives a bonus taste to our…

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Aloo seera recipe,/how to make aloo ka halwa/how to make potato pudding

Puddings are the most delicious dessert types we all are soo fond of..Aloo seera that is potato pudding is a very delicious dessert made by boiling potatoes and thereby sautéing it in ghee/butter , sugar and nuts.. Hello guys!! Do you people love potato??Well we all are well acquainted with the dishes made using potatoes…

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How to make Sewaiya kheer/sewayian kheer recipe

This is one of simplest and the most tasty dessert anyone can make..It is made using sewaiya that is known as vermicelli pasta by rosting it in butter and then by putting it in thickened milk. Hello guys Welcome to the home-cooked delicacies..Desserts are one of the most craved food items everywhere..but home-cooked are the…

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Baigan Bharta recipe/eggplant mashed curry recipe

Hello everyone Are you a fan of baigan/eggplant and the delicacies made out of it..So here I m to share with you all, my recipe to make baigan Bharta which is super delicious..baigan or eggplant is a regular veggie in our kitchen..And many dishes are being made out of it..but today I have brought one…