Cooking secrets/details, analysis and description

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Cooking secrets is an article related to some unsaid secrets our mom execute while cooking.Therefore there is a saying that says , there are no better food than that is cooked by our moms.They have an easy breezy way to cook food and still turning foods and dishes into something really delicious.During my childhood I remember how my mom used to make something really delicious out of the leftover foods and we being children used to feel so excited about the taste.As I grew up and helped mom in the kitchen I realized, the first secret to cook such delicious food is, effortless cooking.Keeping things simple while cooking food actually contributes to the taste and texture of food.

Cooking might seem simple at times but when you observe someone cooking, you can get to see how small details can make your food extra delicious.Cooking secrets are the tiny details to include while cooking.

Cooking details

Delicious cooking is a compilation of right ingredients,correct heat,proper tools and the process.Heat is a critical part of cooking and it is quite obvious that temperature management is an important part of cooking.How to cook on the right flame largely depends upon what you are cooking.Are you just sautéing?baking a cake? Or doing a stir fry?Stir fry dishes are typically cooked on high temperatures to seal the flavors of the ingredients and to give the vegetables a golden brown color.It also helps in maintaining the crunchy texture of the food.

Taste your food before serving it.As sometimes a little bit add ons like salt or spice makes the dish taste perfect.Know the nature of your veggies or food.For example water rich vegetables needs less water to get cooked like bottle gourd,leafy greens and more.If you want to make your meal taste perfect, make sure to chop it the correct way.Example-small chopped vegetables absorbs spices well.Bigger choppings demands less salt, depending upon the choices.

For a fluffy cake or pancake, make sure to pour the batter quickly, as overmixing can cause toughness making the cake dense.Regardless of what you are cooking, anything excessive can spoil the taste of your food.Wheather its spices,salt,sugar,water or healt.Balance and consciousness is the key to delicious food.Just like excessive chilli can suppress the natural taste of your vegetables.

Using the correct utensils

It is really important to use the right utensils and tools for a hassle free cooking.It saves your time and also helps you represent your food well.That eye catching exotic dessert served at a restaurant, the presentation,the cooking process,each of them has a significance on how your food looks like and how appropriately you used the tools.

Picking the right utensil to make great food is as significant. Utensils are the empowering agents that change a ‘decent cook’ in to an ideal ‘kitchen ace’. Improper devices to cook might make your dish look loaded with blemishes by losing its validness. Utensils, to set up a decent food, have gone through an incredible excursion, before it ranges to its present status. There has been hints of cooking tools tracked down in ‘stone age’ and in practically every one of the civilisations of history have given an extraordinary status to these extreme disclosure on humankind. Then it began going through a logical period, where these extreme devices of cooking have reached to the level we see them today, serving the mankind with its greatest effectiveness.

Cooking/an art or science

Culinary art is both a workmanship and a science. It requires something beyond information on the food being ready and the strategies for arrangement. It includes what vegetation and fauna gives us as fixings. A cook resembles an epicurean, when the food is plated by him in high end food which seems to be a piece of a craftsmanship that occasionally is past human clarification. The excellence lies in the adaptability of the fixing, when various gourmet specialists grasp various shades of fixings, every one makes different workmanship pieces. It very well may be as brilliant like a rainbow or as straightforward as monochrome. Cooks are investigating new foods; they make a special effort that portrays the way of life and customs of their country which is an extensive variety of hallucinogenic of high end food workmanship bits of food which is past human creative mind.

The process , the work while cooking makes it look as an art but we often ignore the science behind it.We generally focus on the taste,appearance and visuals which is more of an artistic excellence than science.Culinary art is a blend of art and science.Just a bit of knowledge is not enough for the preparation and presentation of food.It involves an independent knowledge about ingredients.The beauty lies in knowing the details about different ingredients to create different pieces of art in the form of food.Just lkie the culinary art, culinary science is all about the chemical composition of food and ingredients.Molecular gastronomy is centered on the scientific principles of micro level food preparation.It is a blend of social and artistic mechanism which is based on the principles of heat transference and physical characteristics of food,stability of taste,texture and flavor.

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