Cream and onion sandwich

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Cream and onion sandwich

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Are you searching for the perfect sandwich recipe?here you go.Cream and onion sandwich is the quickest sandwich one can try.The crunch of onions,mixed with fresh milk cream and seasonings makes it the easiest and one of the best sandwich recipe.

I still remember my mother used to make this sandwich when we have an instant demad for food as children.The best thing about cream and onion sandwich is,the ingredients are just simple and easily available and its a big time saver when you are in hurry.

You can make this sandwiches during your breakfast and also as evening snack.In this modern time of hurry and workload, we all are searching for easy food recipes and most of the time sandwiches are the best bet.To add that perfect flavor and taste,you can go for cream and onion sandwiches that not only will fill your stomach but also will make you understand how blend of some simple ingredients can make something so delicious.

Sometimes we are mistaken by the idea to add too many ingredients to make something flavorful and tasty.But the myth has been busted and here it is cream and onion sandwiches made using very few ingredients.Cooking is an art, and it is really important to understand how much ingredients and flavor  are actually needed to make something delicious.In Indian streets and cafes you can have a varieties of sandwiches and the demad is only growing but home-cooked ones always helps in balancing the flavors and ingredients according to your choice.

Writing Indian food recipes and understanding the importance of homecoming made me explore food and flavors even more.I always like to go for simple sandwich recipe because I think making sandwiches should not be complicated.As it is one of the easiest option in food we often like to go for.

Among numerous recipes and varieties of stuffings, I have posted some of the healthy,tasty and easy to make ones.I believe a dish like sandwich needs least ingredients to make.Farmers cheese sandwich is one among the healthiest one I have posted before.

Why choose cream and onion sandwiches

The best thing about a sandwich is, there are options available for the type of bread you prefer whether its brown bread,white bread,multi grain bread or make your favorite ones.Sandwiches are the quickest way to save your time.The combination of cream and onion is good enough and when grilled it enhances the tatse and texture.

If you are not a big fan of raw onions,do grill the sandwiches,so the extra rawness of onions subsides.I have used black pepper and oregano as my primary seasonings.It makes the sandwiches all flavorful and delicious.You can also add dried chilli flakes if you like your food a bit spicier.To add a tangy flavor i have used small Chopped tomatoes.It was an experiment if tomatoes will go great with cream and onions and yes, you can go for tomatoes if you like the taste.

Ingredients to make cream and onion sandwich

Slices of bread according to your requirements

3 small Chopped onions

1 Samll Chopped tomato

6 tablespoon fresh milk cream

1/2 teaspoon  blackpepper powder

Salt to taste

1 teaspoon  oregano

Pizza seasonings(optional)

Chilli flakes (optional)

Butter to grill


The ingredients listed above are according to 4 people serving.Make your stuffing according to your requirements.


Keep your bread slices ready.Take a bowl.Add the Chopped onions, tomatoes and frsh cream.Then add the black pepper,salt,oregano and the seasonings you like.Now mix well using a spoon.Keep aside for 5 to 6 minutes so that the flavors come out nicely.


Take your slices of bread.Take a spoon full of the stuffing .Spread well.Put some more if required.

The stuffing of cream and onion has been spreaded on the slices of bread

Now cover with another slice of bread.Now put a grilling pan on the gas.heat on medium flame.Spread melted butter on one side of the bread and flip it on the pan.

Grilling bread using butter both the sides

Repeat the process both the sides and grill it until it becomes crunchy and golden.The best tip to not let the filling come out is,to press the slices using a spatula.And now this delicious cream and onion sandwich is ready within minutes.Serve it with your favorite chutney or sauce.You can also go for chilli mayonnaise as the dip for a spicier taste.

This cream and onion sandwich recipe is a quick save when there are least ingredients left in your refrigerator and you want to make something tastier.

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