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Fruit raita

Fruit raita is a yogurt based fruity Indian side dish.One of the healthiest yogurt recipe check on.It is a quick 10 minutes recipe and grabbing a bowl of fruit raita is an absolute delight.Fruits are not only used for juices or desserts but also used for these kind of authentic savory.

It is a delicious combination of creamy fresh yogurt,freshly chopped fruits,spices and seasonings.People also prefer to add some chopped dry fruits or nuts.Using spices to make fruut raita completely depends on you as long as you prefer it a bit spicy and flavorful.

The main fruits that are used to make fruit raita are chopped apples,pomegranate or any of those fruits that are juicy in texture.

This savory can be great when you prefer something refreshing and an appropriate dish during the lunch time.Fruits raita or the other varieties in raita like boondi raita,bhaji raita,lauki raita, these are preferred mostly during summer.Because it tastes better when served chilled.

The taste of fruit raita is sweet and salt.Because of its fruity taste, it is so much loved by children.

Ingredients to make fruit raita

2 cup fresh yogurt/dahi

1/2 cup small chopped apple

1 cup pomegranate

2 tablespoon sugar

2 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon roasted jeera/cumin powder

1 teaspoon chatt Masala

1 teaspoon red Chilli powder

1/2 teaspoon black pepper powder

1 tablespoon mustard seeds

1 tablespoon oil

Directions to make fruit raita

Take a container.Add yogurd,chilli powder and cumin poder.Blend well using a hand blender.

Blending yogurt to make fruit raita

Now add sugar, salt,black pepper powder and chat masala.Mix well.

Spices has been added to yogurt

Now make a quick tadka by heating one tablespoon oil in an oval spoon and add mustard seeds to pop.Now pour it all over the yogurt mixture.Mix well.Lastly add chopped apples and pomegranate into it.

Fresh fruits have been added to the yogurt

And now this delicious fruits raita is ready to be chilled.

Do try on this delicious Indian yogurt dish and must share with your friends and family.Fruits raita is one of the most delicious yogurt based dish you should not miss out on.

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