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How to make daal fry/daal fry recipe/daily tadka recipe

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Delicious and simple recipe to make daal fry with chopped tomato, onions and some regular spices.

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Daal fry is a very popular lentil recipe across India and at every Indian restaurants..It is called by many other names like daal tadka,daal masala..It is a very delicious recipe which is made using boiled lentils and then sautéing it with onions, tomatoes, garlic and some spices.The process of sautéing the cooked lentils in spices is typically called as FRY in India..Daal fry is made using different types of lentils but the one I have used is Arhar daal/toor daal which known as pigeon peas.Daal fry is served with rice or roti/tortilla and its just super delicious.

This delicacy is made in so many different ways but I have brought a very simple and yummy recipe for daal fry which is amazing.. I feel, too much of anything ruins the food, so the ingredients and also the spices used are really minimal..As India is known to be a country of spices and the varieties it serves..I would say we definitely like our food at a little spicier side but to keep the authenticity of the food intact, we must not be adding anything too much which will eventually taste not so good..




Daal fry, one of the most regular dish but super delicious to combine with rice or roti,tortilla is semi thick in texture and yummy in taste.As we all know lentils or different types of daal are a rich source of protein, it is a must add on to your diet..lentils are one of the most common recipes in Indian families but the ways of making it, is different..

In my home we cook it everyday like its a must with rice..Today’s recipe is simple. I just have used chopped tomatoes, some onions with some spices.The best thing about this recipe is, it is hardly a 5 to 7 minutes recipe when the daal or lentil is already boiled.Daal fry is our go to dish even when we go to hotels or restaurants for dinner or lunch..So let’s start making this yum..




1 cup peasion peas/arhar daal

1 cup small chopped onions

1/2 cup small chopped tomatoes

1 table spoon ginger garlic paste

NOTE:-If you don’t have ginger garlic paste readily available, simply grate some ginger and chop 7 to 8 garlics.

Some curry leaves for a delicious flavor

1 tea spoon chilli powder

1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder

1/2 tea spoon sugar

Salt to taste, I have added 1 and 1/2 teaspoon

1 table spoon cumin seeds

2 table spoon butter

1/4th asafoetida/hing (adding hing or asafoetida to lentils gives a very authentic taste and flavor, so don’t miss on this one)

Ok so these are the only ingredients needed for this delicious dish.


To make daal fry simply soak the lentils atleast 1/2 an hour before cooking..wash it off well..Now take a pressure cooker, add the soaked lentils into it..add double quantity of water.If the lentils are 1 cup, add two cups of water. put turmeric powder for an authentic yellow color without which the texture and appearance of this dish is incomplete..Now close the lid and put the cooker on high flame until it whistles for 3 to 4 times for a good boil..switch off the gas..let it be cool down.

Put a pan on high flame.. add butter..let the oil be hot..add the cumin seeds ,asafoetida and curry leaves..let it be golden..then add the ginger garlic paste , chopped onions and tomatoes..mix well..cook in medium flame until the tomatoes becomes soft for atleast 3 minutes..then add the chilli powder and 1/2 teaspoon sugar.mix well and then put the cooked daal /lentils into it..mix all the ingredients well.If the lentil seems too thick , add 1/2 cup water for a perfect Semithick texture..add salt and let it be boil for atleast two minutes in high flame for all the flavors to come out really well.

Delicious daal fry

And the yumm is ready..eat with your rice or roti..

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