How to make gulabjamun/Gulabjamun recipe

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This is delicious mawa gulabjamun made at home

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Welcome again to the yummy veg kitchen.Today I m writing about a very special sweet dish .India’s one of the most popular and authentic dessert mawa(condensed milk) gulabjamun .As it is one of my favorite and when you make it at home, you are over excited about the whole procedure and specially when it turns out all delicious and perfect.

Have you ever thought of making gulabjamun at home?Well!I never did because I awalys thought of it as one of the most complicated dessert to make but as it turned out perfect, I can say ,you can make this yum at home perfectly by using some great tips and tricks.

What is Gulabjamun

Gulabjamuns are delicious ball shaped sweets dipped in rose flavored sugar syrup.This is one of the most famous sweet across India.During the season festivals and weddings it is one of the most preferred sweets because of its rich taste.

Delicious and soft mawa gulabjamuns

While making gulabjamun, some simple tricks works the best to make this yummy dessert perfectly..So if you have ever thought of making gulabjamun at your home and searched for the perfect gulabjamum recipe, then you can stop by here for a while to give it a try.

Now let’s start making delicious gulabjamun at home with step by step guide.

Ingredients To make gulabjamun dough

300 g.m mawa/khoya

100 g.m chenna/curdled milk(squeeze all the water well)

2 table spoon all purpose flour/maida

1/3 tea spoon of baking soda

Ingredients to make sugar syrup

2 cups of sugar/300 g.m

1 cup water

2 table spoon rose water for flavor

8 to 10 strings of saffron for color and flavor

Lastly oil to deep fry


Start the preparation of gulabjamun by preparing the dough.Take a wide container for mashing the dough nicely.Add the mawa/khoya,chenna/curdled milk and all purpose flour. Mix all the ingredients well.Now add the baking soda into it and start the mashing process which is the key step to get the perfect gulabjamun balls.Use the thenar or the ball of thumb to give it the desired pressure for a breakfree dough.

Preparation of dough to make gulabjamun

Now knead for 10 minutes straight to get the correct texture.As soon as the dough is done, cover it with moist cotton cloth for 10 minutes and in between this time let’s make the sugar syrup.


Covering any type of dough with moist cotton cloth prevents it from getting drier.

Take a sauce pan.Add sugar and water as mentioned.let it melt well..boil for 10 minutes and then add saffron and rose water into it for a beautiful color and flavor.

NOTE-1 soft string syrup goes best with gulabjamun.Mildly sticky.

Now keep the syrup aside and start making 1 inch round gulabjamun balls out of the dough.

Gulabjamun balls

Put a pan in medium flame to deep fry the balls.Pour good quantity of oil so that the balls gets dipped in well enough.Make sure the temperature is not too hot to deep fry the balls nicely and evenly.

Deep frying the gulabjamum balls.

Use a spoon to gently stir the oil time to time to make balls even in color.As you can see the balls have been started to look light golden.Cook until it takes a dark golden color in low to medium flame.

As the above picture shows,you can see the balls doubled in size.Cook for few more minutes and then use a straining spoon to take out the balls gently and put it into the sugar syrup.Keep it aside for 2 to 3 hours for the syrup to be absorbed well.And the super delicious gulabjamun is all ready to be servedπŸ‘πŸ‘

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