How to make masala papad/masala papad recipe

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Masala papad

Masala papad is a crispy Indian wafer seasoned with salad and spices.It is one of the most liked starter in Indian homes.Over the period of time this thin sheet of crisp called papad has become so popular which has been fondly used since traditional times .

Papad has multipurpose use in food.Even though it is basically a salted wafer, it is also used to make curry, wraps and stuffings.Before going to the details of this recipe, let’s take a look at what is papad?

What is papad?

Papad is a thin round sheet made using dried pulses and lentils with added spices and seasonings.It comes in so many flavors and varieties .It can be simpley roasted or deep fried.These crackers are everyone’s favorite because of its distinctive taste and flavor.It is also called as papadam.It is popular in countries like Bangladesh,sri lanka,nepal and other.

Because of its popularity, it has become a means of business for women living in rural areas and a great way to spread the ancient flavorful foods in this modern times.It can be easily found in Indian groceries.The incredible taste and flavor has made it one of the most preferred wafer during feasts,ceremonies and festivals.

Masala papad is one among the most preferred papad recipes one can easily make.Masala refers to spicy and tangy taste.It is basically a crispy starter with a tangy taste of spicey salad as topping.So let’s make it quick.


Papad according to your requirements

small chopped onions

small chopped tomatoes

Some grated cottage cheese/paneer

1 teaspoon lemon juice

1 and 1/2 teaspoon salt/as required

1/3 teaspoon black pepper powder

1/3 teaspoon chilli powder

Some parsley leaves


Start by heating a flat pan on medium flame to roast the papad.While making masala papad people also dry roast or deep fry.I have roasted it with a bit of oil.As the pan becomes mediumly hot,grease with oil and put the papad.

Roasting papad

Pour 1/2 teaspoon oil on top and move a tablespoon in circular motion all around.This technique helps it to hold the texture and not fold from sides.Make sure to roast on medium flame only.You will see tiny bubbles all around as it starts becoming crispy.Flip and do the same the other side.

Papad has been roasted well

You can make it half by folding it on the pan or you can keep it intact.Transfer it to a plate.Let it cool down a bit.In this period of time,take a bowl,add the chopped onions,tomatoes,parsley leaves,black pepper,chilli powder,lemon juice and salt.Mix well.

Salad to make masala papad

Now spread the salad on top of the papad and sprinkle some grated cottage cheese for a more cheesy taste.

Masala papad

Do try this absolutely crispy and tangy masala papad and don’t forget to share with friends and family.

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