Month: August 2022


How to make churma/paratha churma recipe

hello world👋 welcome back to the home-cooked delicious desserts and dishes…Earlier I have shared one of the delicious Rajasthani churma recipe..Which is a very famous Indian dessert popular in parts like Rajasthan,haryana..This time also its a churma recipe but made in a completely different way..Quicker than the earlier one and the taste and texture is […]


Chana dal chutney recipe for dhokla and idli

hello everyone👋Today I have brought a chutney recipe..As we all know some food items are incomplete without sauce or chutney like idli,dosa,dhokla,appe and many more.One of the most famous chutney that is served with these dishes is chana daal chutney..This chutney recipe is one of the most simple to make and can be served with […]

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How to make modak/Ukadiche modak recipe

Hello and Namaste world🙏🙏 I m back with another traditional yum.Ukadiche Modak! Modak is a dessert widely famous in India and specially in Maharashtra..The taste and texture is soo good..As Ganpati bappa🙏🙏making his ways to our homes in 3 days..Ukadiche modak is a must..Modak is known to be the most favorite of Shri Ganesha🙏So, on […]

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Paneer bharta recipe/delicious messed cottage cheese curry

Hello and Namaste everyone!!🙏🙏 Welcome again to the garden of foods and delicacy..trying to reach you guys with the top delicious home-cooked food..and today I have come with my all time favorite and delicious paneer varta recipe..Paneer is Indian cottage cheese made by cuddling milk and then satteling it to make cubes out of it..This […]

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Nariyal kaju barfi recipe/cashew coconut bars

Hello guys!!Its a dessert again..and its a very simple and delicious dessert we can make easily at home.We all love kaju barfi and coconut barfi diffrently. Occasions are incomplete without these delicious desserts..But this time its a combination of cashews and coconut which is really nice and tasty..The good part about this recipe is there […]

delicious dessert, delicious food recipes, tasty recipes, veg food

How to make Bajra suhali /pearl millet cookies recipe

Hello people!! Welcome to the garden of food, spices, flavors and dessert and many more..We all are fan of different desserts and of course we all are curious to know the recipes..So today I have brought one of the most delicious cookie recipe that is bajra/pearl millet cookie..This is as delicious as it looks. Pearl […]


How to make Malpua /malpua recipe

Hello Namaste all🙏🙏back again to share an amazing recipe today.Malpua! the most delicious dessert one can ever have..The taste, the texture everything is on point and mouthwatering..When it comes to dessert our mood changes suddenly..I love different types of dessert and my mom is a pro in making malpua and I have learnt this delicacy […]