Crispy Masala Paratha recipe made using easily available ingredients

Delicious recipe Crispy and tasty masala paratha made using besan/gram flour and spices

hello guys🙏 welcome to the taste and flavors ,some twists and rolls,recipes and dishes..vegrecipesandcooking is dedicated to share the most delicious recipe with authentic taste and flavors.. I have brought a paratha recipe today that I have learned from my mother and its a quick recipe to give a tadka to your regular paratha/tortilla..Sometimes a little change in the same dish doesn’t hurt when it turns out really tasty..

This paratha recipe is stuffed with some basic spices and besan/gram flour..the taste is just super delicious and it’s crispy in texture..We all like varieties of paratha/tortilla recipes because its the very regular food and sometimes we need to give it a twist..So let’s add this crispy and delicious Masala besan paratha in your plate without too much efforts.


Your regular roti dough

1 cup began

1 tea spoon chilli powder

1 table spoon kasturi methi

2 small chopped green chilling

2 pinches hing/asafoetida

1 tea spoon cumin seeds/zeera

1 tea spoon salt or according to your taste

3 table spoon oil


Simply take a bowl..add besan/gram flour,chilli powder ,salt, kasturi methi, hing and chopped green chilly..mix well using your hands..Now put a pan on the gas..let it be dry completely..add the mixture..simply dry roast it in medium flame for 3 to 4 minutes using a spatula..Tip-as we dry roasting it keep stirring frequently to avoid getting it burned.

You just have t roast it in low to medium flame for 3 switch off the gas and put three table spoon oil into it..mix well to make a moist alike texture..

Now put your regular tortilla pan on the gas..make balls of out of the wheat flour dough..Take the size of dough bigger than the regular ones..heat the pan on high flame..roll the dough a bit to put the stuffing in between..add 1 table spoon masala/stuffing made out of the spices and gram fold the sides and roll it gently by pressing it.Now put it into the tawa/tortilla pan, roast both the sides using 1 table spoon oil in each side to get the desired crisp and taste..make sure to roast the paratha in medium flame for letting it be cooked well from both sides..

eat this delicacy with curd,tea or your favorite curry..Amazing!!enjoy!