How to make kakara peetha/kakara peetha recipe/delicious dessert

This is one of the most popular dessert from northeastern part of India.An odia cuisine made using wheat flour and a stuffing of coconut.

Recipe by Shilpa AgrawalCourse: delicious food recipesCuisine: Indian


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  • 2 cups wheat flour

  • 2 cups sugar

  • 4 cups water

  • 1 and 1/2 cup freshly grated coconut

  • 1/2 cup sugar

  • 1/2 tea spoon cardamom powder

  • some choped cashews(optional)

  • Oil to deep fry

  • 2 table spoon oil to knead the dough


  • To make this delicious dessert which is called as peetha in the local language..It is one if the most tastiest and easy to make dessert..It is one of the most traditional and authentic sweet dish and mostly prepared during the season festivals and also offered as Prasad in temples.
  • To make this yum yum, we first need to prepare a rough dough..Start by taking a medium sized oval pan or container by adding water and sugar..put it on high flame..As soon as it starts to boil, add the wheat flour slowly and also stirr at the same time..mix well in medium flame to make a thick mixture.It will take 3 to 4 minutes or less.

  • Now the mixture is ready, let it be cool down until it feels just warm, so that we can knead it well..In between this time, let’s prepare the stuffing..Making the stuffing for this delicious dessert is quite simple..Simply add 1 teaspoon of ghee/non salted butter, add finely chopped cashews, roast a bit and then add the grated coconut and sugar as mentioned quantity..switch the flame to low to let the sugar melt, without sticking to the pan.
  • TIP-You can sprinkle some water or milk if you find the mixture too dry..Now as soon as the sugar melts, add cardamom powder for an authentic flavor, cook in medium flame for 3 to 4 minutes to get the perfect texture..As cashews are optional, you can directly put the coconut in the butter..I had also not added cashews.
  • Now the stuffing is perfectly ready. Now let’s knead the dough well by add 2 table spoon of oil to make it lumpfree in texture..Tip:-don’t expect the dough to be exactly as tortilla will stick a bit, and thats completely fine..Now make small balls out of it by greasing the palms with oil..Hollow the middle a bit for stuffing..Put 1 teaspoon of stuffing inside each balls and then cover the top by putting back all the edges together..make sure there is no flatten it a bit , just like this.
  • Now these yum yum are ready to be deep fried..Put a frying pan on the gas, add oil for deep frying, let it be hot in medium flame..after 2 to 3 minutes, check the temperature by putting a small quantity of dough, if it starts to bubble, the oil is ready.Now put 2 or 3 peetha at a time..don’t suffocate the area by putting to much, orelse it will break..
  • Tip:- We have to deep fry this dessert evenly into a golden brown color..make sure to not flip again and again just as we do in other dishes, because the texture of this dessert is soft, and by flipping too much , it can break, which eventually will soak oil..Use a tong to flip it..Now when it becomes ready, remove it to oil paper to get rid of any access oil.
  • And the delicious kakara peetha is ready..let it be cool down a bit to get the perfect taste..yummy!!


  • Super delicious Kakara peetha recipe made with easily available ingredients in kitchen..delicious, simple and mouthwatering.

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