How to make jeera aloo/Jeera aloo recipe

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Delicious and simple jeera aloo

This is one of the most simple yet tasty cumin potatoes recipe.Jeera aloo is a lesser ingredient dish and if you like to keep your food simple yet tasty, then this dish is for you.

Jeera aloo as the name says is, potato cumin fry, which is mildly moist in texture and it takes 10 minutes to make this simple and amazing potato dish when you already have boiled potatos in your kitchen.You can roll this with your favorite tortilla and also can have it with dal rice.

What is Jeera Aloo

Jeera aloo is a simple Indian potato fry which is basically a 7 simple ingredients dish.As the name defines, the main ingredient in this dish is, boiled potatoes and cumins.

It is a very regular food in my family and my mom cooks this quite often. During our childhood it is being packed in tiffin for our lunch at school.Even if it is a very simple dish, because of its popularity and authentic taste,most of the Indian restaurants have jeera also in their menu.

The combination of cumins and potato is so good.The cumin crunches in every bite makes it flavorful and tasty.Rolling jeera aloo with roti/tortilla or having it with dal and rice, this simple dish blends so well.

I have used mustard oil for jeera aloo because it gives a very warm color and flavor.There are no powdered spices added here, only raw flavorful spices.


5 to 6 medium sized boiled potatoes

1 tablespoon cumin seeds

1/3 teaspoon asafoetida/hing

2 chopped dried red chillies

3 tablespoon mustard oil

1 and 1/2 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon lemon juice( optional)

How you make jeera also

Start by roughly squeezing potatoes, I like to cook it a but rustic instead of chopping perfectly.

Roughly squeezed potatoes to make jeera aloo

Now take an oval pan or kadhai, add mustard oil into it.While cooking with mustard oil, make sure to cook the oil first.Let it be hot completely until the bubbles formed dissappear.Now add the cumin seeds.As it starts to becomes golden add the asafoetida/hing and dried red chillies.Within some seconds put the boiled potatoes into it.Add salt and mix using a spatula to avoid mashing it up.

You will see the potatoes becoming golden and also keep scraping the potatos sticking to the pan if any.This actually gives it an authentic roasted taste.

Making of jeera aloo

Cook in high flame for 3 to 4 minutes and keep flipping.Add lemon juice if you like it and the delicious jeera aloo is ready to be served.

Delicious jeera aloo

Do try this delicious jeera aloo and your family will love it.Stay tuned for more home-cooked delicious Indian recipes.


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