A brief note About Me

Hello world!!what’s up!!

Myself Shilpa Agrawal, author at vegrecipesandcooking.com..Getting more into the home-cooked delicious food, flavors and taste of India..As we all know that India is a home of delicious foods,tastes and flavors..Starting from traditional yum yum to some creative ones I have learned cooking from my mom and believe me it is as nice as a hard work to do..but the satisfaction and the smile on the faces of our family memebers is just amezing..since my childhood, humming around mom for food, not so curious but just taking a look at how she is preparing stuffs effortlessly has made me know a lot of things about cooking..




Well!!I thought of starting a blog on Indian food recipes and basically the vegan dishes specially the home-cooked ones..Delicious food always brings smile on our face..The idea to write a blog came into mind after having a little knowledge on cooking to observing how mom cooks delicious food effortlessly and applies tricks and tips at minor inconvenience..


Starting from curries to main course and desserts and many more..Indian food will always put a smile on your face..The streets of India are full of food items and dishes and even the most tastiest ones are there..Thinking about what vegan dishes can offer??I would say there is a lot, health, nutrition, vitamins, minerals and everything thats needed for a human body..starting from veggies to panner to many other uncountable dishes, they are absolutely delicious.

I like to cook food in simple possible manner yet delicious but some of the traditional food definitely have a process which takes effort which is absolutely ok if the taste comes out yummy..My blog is all about the everyday foods and recipes..Apart from cooking good food, I also like to write on motivational stories..Afterall motivation is powerful..