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How to make moti mirch ka achaar/sweet pepper pickle recipe

The most delicious and amazing sweet chilli pickle recipe is here. Hello world!!welcome back to the delicious food hub..The regular food, dishes, flavor and taste has its own authenticity that we should never miss out on..As we all know pickles are one of the highly preserved food items..The recipe i have brought today is all […]

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How to make shimla mirch /fried capsicum recipe/Varma shimla mirch recipe

This is a very delicious shimla mirch/capsicum recipe.Fried in a spicey mixture of gram flour and spices.. Hello everyone. As we all know capsicum is a very rich vegetable, also rich in antioxidants and vitamins.It is cultivated worldwide..It has its own very strong flavor and taste and people are cooking this veggie in variety of […]

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Meetha chawal recipe/delicious sweet rice

Hello everyone👋 Today I have come with another yum on my plate..The super delicious and yummy sweet rice/meetha chawal, also called as meetha bhaat in many parts of the country, made in a very simple way but the taste is soo authentic. Its a traditional mouthwatering rice dessert recipe directly made in pressure cooker..I have […]