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How to make aloo chops/potato snack recipe

Hello world! Let’s start by knowing more about the dish aloo chop..Aloo chop is an Indian deep fried snack originated from Indian subcontinent..This is one of the most famous street food sold across odisha and bengal. https://amzn.to/3J7yZYj https://vegrecipesandcooking.com/index.php/blog-page/ https://vegrecipesandcooking.com/index.php/2023/02/12/how-to-make-shrikhand-shrikhand-recipe/ It is called as aloo chop because these are made in round shaped mashed potatoes stuffing […]

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How to make methi paratha/methi paratha recipe

Hello world!! Welcome again to my food recipes blog😊Do you also like the home-cooked delicious Indian food and dishes?They are just yummy..Indian food and dishes are uncountable in varieties and the best thing is,the importance of traditional foods and dishes are becoming significant with changing times.. https://vegrecipesandcooking.com/index.php/blog-page/ Today I have brought a very famous and […]