How to make Malpua /malpua recipe

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Hot and delicious malpua on my plate with some chopped almonds on top

Hello Namaste all🙏🙏back again to share an amazing recipe today.Malpua! the most delicious dessert one can ever have..The taste, the texture everything is on point and mouthwatering..When it comes to dessert our mood changes suddenly..I love different types of dessert and my mom is a pro in making malpua and I have learnt this delicacy from my mother..

Malpua is a wheat flour dessert made by making a batter, frying it as pancake shapes and then dipping it into sugar syrup..It is one of the most traditional dessert in India and it tastes too good..If you have never tried hot malpua before, do try it because you are going to make it at home again and again..This is a very simple recipe though it looks a little complicated.I used to wonder before about the process of making malpua , but when I went through the process I realized that its not that complicated..and anyone can make the perfect malpua with a little practice.So let’s Start making this delicacy.

This recipe is combined of two recipes, one for the batter to make the delicious malpua and the other is for chasni/sugar syrup.

Ingredients to make malpua batter

2 cup wheat flour

1 and 1/2 cup milk

1 table spoon black pepper balls

1 pinch of salt

Tip:- A pinch of salt balaces the taste of desserts dipped in sugar syrup from over sweetening.

Ingredients for sugar syrup

2 cups sugar

1 and 1/2 cup water

1 tea spoon cardamom powder

4 to 5 saffron strings


Simply take a medium sized container..add wheat flour, black pepper balls and 1 pinch add milk slowly and keep stirring at the same time for a semi thick batter..blend clockwise nicely for 3 minutes straight for a lump free texture.keep it aside..

Now take a pan to make sugar syrup..add sugar and water..put it on high flame..let the sugar melt well..let it boil..add cardamom powder and saffron strings for a beautiful color and flavor. You have to boil the sugar syrup until it takes a sticky texture..It will hardly take 7 to 10 minutes around to get the perfect texture ..just like the syrup of gulabjamun..You don’t have to make a one string syrup, just sticky.

Now put a flat pan on gas that is used for making jalebi or malpua..heat in high add oil to deep fry..let the oil be hot..Tip:-you can check the right temperature of oil by putting a little batter into it..If it starts to bubble as soon as you put it jnto the pan..The oil is ready for frying malpuas.

Now simply take a oval spoon that are used to serve curry..take batter and start pouring in a down up will spread and automatically take the pancake can put 3 to 4 at a time..

Deep drying malpua

Start putting small quantities first to know the exact size of malpua you wish to make..then pour accordingly.. deep fry it from both the sides by flipping it using a chimta/tong for an easy flipping on high flame..fry both the side until it turns golden put it one by one inside the sugar syrup..keep it inside for 3 to 4 minutes and then remove it and enjoy this yumm..This is just mouthwatering..garnish it with some chopped almonds if you wish to..

Tip:-Using blackpepper in malpua gives it a very authentic taste when it comes in between the bites but if you don’t like it, you can avoid it..and add some fennel/saunf.

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