Poha mixture/Best flattened rice recipe

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Poha mixture

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Welcome back to the delicious Indian food and recipes.Today i have brought a snack recipe made using poha/flattened rice with some added spices.Poha mixture is a popular Indian salted snack which is often deep fried but to avoid deep frying the poha I have roasted it in lesser oil.





Poha mixture is an easy to make namkeen mixture, that is simple,crispy and tasty.When it comes to mixtures,namkeens and other salted snack, there are so many varieties you will find in Indian market.

What is Mixture

Mixture is a very famous Indian namkeen/salted snack made using different ingredients like puffed rice,flattened rice,fried lentils,peanuts and spices and other seasonings.In almost every Indian home there is some type of mixture available in their kitchen.




Poha mixture is one of the easiest to make mixture at home and the recipe i have brought today is too good.The crispy texture with bites of peanuts,flavor of curry leaves is a perfect blend during this rain.

This six ingredients poha mixture tastes soo good and can be served as a side snack during breakfast and evening times.


2 cups poha/flattened rice

1/2 cup peanuts

4 finely chopped green chilies

Curry leaves for flavor

Salt according to your taste

4 table spoon oil

Preparation For Poha Mixture

Before going through the detailed recipe let’s start the initial preparation to make poha mixture.Keep your ingredients ready.

Ingredients to make poha mixture

Chop the green chilies and curry leaves finely.Keep the flattened rice and peanuts ready to avoid any hurry while cooking.

How to make poha mixture

Start the process of making poha mixture by putting an oval pan on the gas.Let it be dry completely and then add oil.Don’t make the oil too hot as we have to roast the peanuts,chillies and curry leaves without buring it.

Now as the oil becomes medium hot, add the peanuts and use a spatula yo gently stir it.Peanuts pops, so make sure to put a lid for few seconds until it gets roasted well.Add the chopped green chilies and curry leaves.

I have added green chillies sand curry leaves into the roasted peanuts

Wait for few seconds to deep fry the green chilli and curry leaves to avoid any moisture.It will help keep the poha mixture fresh and crispy for longer.Now add the poha into it.keep mixing it.The only effort to make this lesser oil poha mixture lies at this stage where you have to stir the mixture continuously to make it crispy.

Poha/flattened rice has been added to the peanuts and spices for roasting to make poha mixture

With time you will feel the Poha becoming lighter and crispy in texture.The edges will start yo become puffed up.Keep stirring until it turns soft golden and crispy.At this point sprinkle some salt.

Poha mixture is becoming lighter and golden in color
Salt has been added to the poha mixture

Transfer it to oil paper to absorb any access oil and enjoy👍stay tuned for more Indian food and recipes.

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