Crunchy peanut bars/snack/food0 (0)

Crunchy peanut bars/snack/food
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Peanut bars are a perfect winter snack primarily made from peanuts,jaggery and other sweeteners.It provides a convenient way to enjoy the taste of peanuts in a compact and portable form. Peanut bars are popular snacks in India, available in various brands and flavors. They are often made with roasted peanuts, jaggery, and sometimes other ingredients…

How to roast eggplant/Roasted eggplant recipe0 (0)

How to roast eggplant/Roasted eggplant recipe
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How to roast eggplant?There are so many ways eggplant cen be roasted.But the recipe i have brought today is a but different and a must try.Are you searching for an eggplant quick and delicious recipe.Then this is the right place.Today I have brought a delicious and quick Roasted eggplant which is an authentic savory and…