Exploring the Richness in Indian vegetarian foods
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Vegetarian food in India has its own impact and cultural significance.The staple food in india has a strong vegetarian base which includes chawal/rice,roti/flatbreads,dal/lentils,veggies, salads and other.The rich flavors and spices in Indian food makes it one of the most popular cuisines accross the globe.The taste and the exotic flavors in Indian food makes me curious…

Lesser known facts about lemon/The summer fruit0 (0)

Lesser known facts about lemon/The summer fruit
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Here comes the change in weather and the heat is up.Lemons are the old-school great way to escape the heat of summer.it is known for its incredible cooling properties that helps regulate hydration levels and energizing body.Have you ever searched about this summer citric fruit.They are rich in flavor adding incredible tangy taste to foods…

Five tips to check the quality of packaged food
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In this Contemporary world packaged food items has become a huge part.With rapid modernization, change in the food industries and the demands for specific food items, has led to food storage and packaged goods.Even if we all are used to with using such packaged food, sometimes we forget to check the quality before buying them.This…

10 food options to consider in dinner for easy digestion
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We all have heard from our parents as well as grand parents about the importance of right and light food during night time for easy digestion.Lets know about why dinner should not be skipped and how to choose the right dinner options. Dinner is crucial as it provides essential nutrients, helps regulate metabolism, and contributes…

Three major Indian spices/Indian food and spice0 (0)

Three major Indian spices/Indian food and spice
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Indian spices plays significant role in the culinary heritage of India.It play a vital role in creating the diverse and flavorful dishes of Indian cuisine. Some key spices include cumin, coriander, turmeric, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, mustard seeds, fenugreek, asafoetida, and various types of chillies. The skillful combination of these spices contributes to the aromatic and…

Impact of junk food consumption on public health/facts nd myths
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Modernization has come with so many changes in the culinary heritage since traditional times.One of the most common food options adopted is,junk food.Before going to the details on the topic of junk food, let’s know about this concept more. What is junk food Junk food refers to highly processed and unhealthy foods that are often…

Rice in India/Indian cuisine/description0 (0)

Rice in India/Indian cuisine/description
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https://amzn.to/3U8mYrn Rice is a staple food for a significant part of the world’s population. It is a cereal grain that comes in various types, such as white rice, brown rice, and wild rice. Rice is a primary source of carbohydrates and provides essential nutrients, including vitamins and minerals. Different cultures have diverse ways of preparing…

Food and gut health0 (0)

Food and gut health
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Gut health refers to the balance and well-being of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, including the stomach and intestines. A healthy gut is characterized by a well-balanced and diverse microbiome, which consists of trillions of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other microorganisms that inhabit the digestive system. https://amzn.to/3O3fthE Maintaining good gut health is essential for overall well-being…

Crunchy peanut bars/snack/food0 (0)

Crunchy peanut bars/snack/food
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Peanut bars are a perfect winter snack primarily made from peanuts,jaggery and other sweeteners.It provides a convenient way to enjoy the taste of peanuts in a compact and portable form. Peanut bars are popular snacks in India, available in various brands and flavors. They are often made with roasted peanuts, jaggery, and sometimes other ingredients…

Plant based foods/health benefits and impact on environment
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Have you ever wondered why large number of people are shifting to plant based diet?Plant based foods are packed in protein,vitamin,antioxidants,minerals and other healthy components.Fruits,vegetables,nuts,legumes comes under plant based diet.Plant-based diets focus on consuming plant-derived nutrients for health, environmental, or ethical reasons. Importance of plant based foods Plant-based foods offer several important benefits: Incorporating a…

Eggplant grilled salad/Eggplant recipe/Baigan fry0 (0)

Eggplant grilled salad/Eggplant recipe/Baigan fry
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Are you searching for a quick and healthy eggplant recipe.Check out this 5 minutes eggplant salad flavored with cumin crunches.This eggplant recipe is one of the easiest to make and tastes exotic with onion and tomato slices. What is Eggplant Eggplant is a flashy vegetable and called by different names in different parts of the…

Rajasthanti mangodi sabji recipe/Indian food0 (0)

Rajasthanti mangodi sabji recipe/Indian food
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Mangodi sabji is a traditional rajasthani cuisine and a very delicious curry type.This Indian curry is made using dried lentil dumplings. As the name mongodi mentions, It is a very unquie way of preserving yellow lentils by making mini dumplings out of it and then eventually using it to make curry and dishes. https://vegrecipesandcooking.com/kadhai-paneer-recipe-how-to-make-kadhai-paneer/ https://vegrecipesandcooking.com/roasted-poha-mixture-recipe-indian-snack-recipe/…

Food in relation to Culture and tradition
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Food is an integral part of human survival.It has been a proactive part of human culture since ages.Different part of the globe share different cultural values in relation to food.Food is a fundamental piece of each and every culture. It’s something beyond a method of survival, however an approach to communicating one’s thoughts, interfacing with…

Health benefits of garlic/ description and usage0 (0)

Health benefits of garlic/ description and usage
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Garlic has long been used as a seasoning and spice worldwide.The history of garlic used for human consumption dates back to thousands of years.It is not only used in food flavoring but also used as a traditional medicine.Because of its incredible medicinal values, garlic was used to treat many health issues in traditional Ayurveda. What…

Methi paratha recipe/fenugreek tortilla/Indian food0 (0)

Methi paratha recipe/fenugreek tortilla/Indian food
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Fenugreek tortilla is a classic Indian cuisine called as methi paratha here.Methi refers to fenugreek and paratha refers to tortilla.During the season of leafy greens, it is one of the most cooked in Indian homes and loved by everyone.As winter is on its peak, so the colorful vegetables are.This tortilla recipe is a great way…

What are the health benefits of greenpeas/matar0 (0)

What are the health benefits of greenpeas/matar
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Green peas are full of health and nutrition. These edible wonder pods are one of those wonders of nature meant for human nourishment.As the season change,the varieties in vegetables become more prominent.Green peas are one among the popular vegetables that are considered really great for human health.They have been a part of human diet since…