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Hello world!Its all about the the most delicious and authentic foods and flavors straight from the kitchen.

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Myself Shilpa Agrawal author and recipe writer at vegrecipeaandcooking.com.I m here to share with people the best yet most delicious recipes we cook in our home..India is packed with spices and herbs..I m always curious about the authentic taste and flavors hidden even in a simple food item.I would love to share the top delicacies possible with my audience..

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We often overlook the variations, taste and delicacies hidden in the vegetarian food.But the truth is, there is so much health, taste and uncountable varieties available in veg food..and each of them serves a different taste and flavor. Starting from curries to varieties of street food items and dessert there is no end to it..

Exploring the best home-cooked foods to share with the audience..many more recipes with varieties of taste and flavors on its way.Stay tuned.

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This is one of the famous street food from Indian subcontinent called as aloo chops or potato chops..the taste and texture is absolutely mouthwatering.


This is one of the easiest to make fried potato/aloo jeera


The easiest recipe of gujiya is here.


Palak paneer..the most delicious and simple recipe for Palak paneer is here, sautéed in butter and other raw spices.






This is daal fry which is a very famous way of making lentils by sautéing in onions tomatoes and spices in India.It can be combined with rice roti or tortilla.don’t miss on this easy to make yum.
This is the most delicious and authentic fried rice recipe..sautéed in onions, tomatoes and some spices..This recipe is also meant for reusing leftover rice.
This is dhokla ,one of the most amazing dish..It is made using semolina, gram flour and curd and some spices..It is among one the most decent, healthy and yummy breakfast recipe one can ever have.


This is delicious boondi raita made using curd and dry boondi and some easily available spices in the kitchen..tastes amazing with rice or roti.It has a soupy texture..


This is a delicious mixture and an amazing snack made using puffed rice, peanuts, curry leaves and some spices..best to grab during the evening times.


This is khichdi..Delicious Indian porridge made using rice, yellow lentils ,veggies and spices..It is one of the most authentic and delicious food.
Fluffy and delicious apple cake made using fresh apple puree for an absolute apple flavored cake..It tastes soo good..


Bread pakora is a delicious Indian deep fried snack made using bread slices and then dipping it into a batter mixture of gram flour and spices..Its combined with chutneys and sauce.


This is one of the most delicious and authentic eggplant recipe famously known as began bharma in India..It is made using eggplants, tomatoes and basic spices available in the kitchen.


This is a very delicious gujrati snack recipe known as khandvi..It is made using gram flour, curd and some basic spices.It tastes really good. It is soft to bite and amazing in taste.


This is one of the easy to cook dessert rice know as meetha chawal or meetha bhaat. Tastes really good with potato curry..You can cook it directly in a pressure cooker without much efforts..It is soft and moist in texture and has a very mild flavor of cloves and cardamom.. It is one of the most traditional dessert rice recipe. Cooked in special occasions and festivals.


This is mashed eggplant curry called as baigan Bharta all over India..It is one the most famous and common dishes at homes..The best thing about this curry is, it is simple to cook and very delicious in taste..The smoky flavor it gives makes it extra authentic and yummy..you can roll it with your roti or combine with rice..


These are crunchy peanut butter sandwiches which are really crunchy and delicious.It is grilled using sugar and butter which gives it a caramelized crunchy texture and thereby stuffing it with peanut butter.A quick and yummy dessert.
Dhokla!!The yum snack made using semolina/suji sautéed in carrots and onions and thereby making a semithick batter by mixing it with curd and steaming it for a soft and delicious taste..combine it with your favorite chutney or sauce and this is soo yummy.
Nariyal kaju barfi/cashew coconut bars.This butterfree dessert is a delicious dessert recipe cooked in coconut milk which gives it a very creamy and flavourful taste..No artificial flavors added because the natural creamy taste of both coconut and cashews is soo authentic.
Instant chilli pickle made with basic spices…one of the most simple recipes and a bonus taste to your food..make in small quantities because you can’t preserve it for soo long..its great for two days.
These are delicious pearl millet/bajra cookies, different in taste than other cookies..crunchy from outside and soft inside..
Dwlicious Masala also fry made using gram flour and spices with the flavor of kasturi methi and the taste is yum..Don’t forget to roll some in your roti/tortilla
This is a very simple yet the most delicious paratha recipe one can ever have..If you are bored of the regular parathas, then do try this yum made using very easily available ingredients in the kitchen.

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