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How to make gujiya/gujiya recipe

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Hello everyone!!

Its been soo long that I have not updated any dessert recipe but today I have brought a very amazing Indian dessert gujiya..So, many of you must be searching for how to make gujiya or the easiest gujiya recipe, so, don’t forget to stop here fot a while..So basically gujiya is a deep fried crispy Indian sweet dumplings stuffed with khoya or dry roasted nuts and ingredients..the stuffing of khoya gujiya is made in a different way but the gujiya recipe I have brought today is stuffed with roasted ingredients which is a traditional stuffing for gujiya..




So, as holi is near and the cravings for dessert has been increasing. I thought of making gujiya , which is a perfect holi dessert..So this holi don’t forget to try on this delicious dessert which is not too complicated to make..The texture of gujiya is crispy outside and the sweetness is perfectly balanced with the outer layer being mild salty with a sweet stuffing..The best part of making gujiya with a dry stuffing is, you can keep the outr layer crispy for a long time..As we all know the more moist the stuffing will be, the chances of the outer covering becoming softer increases..So this season of holi don’t forget to try on this recipe..also its an any day recipe you can try..



So let’s begin making gujiya..Two recipes included here, one for the dough and the other for the stuffing.lets start making Gujiya by listing the ingredients first

Ingredients -FOR DOUGH

2 cups all purpose flour/maida

1/2 cup oil

2 pinches of salt

Ingredients -FOR STUFFING

1 and 1/2 cup rawa/semolina

1/2 cup grated coconut

1/2 cup small chopped cashews

3/4 cup powdered sugar/mild granular

2 and 1/2 table spoon ghee/non salted Indian butter

1/3 teaspoon cardamom powder for flavor

Oil to deep fry


Before making the stuffing , let’s prepare the dough to let it settle for sometime..take a container, add all purpose flour/maida,salt as mentioned and oil..mix all the ingredients well..and then add normal water slowly to make a tight dough..Now let’s make the stuffing.

Put a pan on high flame to make it completely dry..then lower the flame and add the ghee..let it melt and then add the semolina/rawa..use a flat spatula to roast the ingredients..roast the semolina for 2 to 3 minutes in low flame and then add the chopped cashews and grated coconuts..mix well…now roast all the ingredients in low to medium flame until it turns light golden..then add the powdered sugar and cardamom powder..mix well and again roast for just one minute to avoid sugar from melting.

The stuffing for gujiya is almost ready
The stuffing for gujiya

Now as the stuffing is ready..let’s take a look at the dough..knead the dough well and make small balls..you can give gujiya your desired shape but the most traditional shape is, to simply rolling the balls, putting the stuffing in the middle , 1 tablespoon atleast and then closing the edges pressing it together using a fork into a half circle.aslo there are gujiya molds available in the market for even more perfect shapes.

This is the most traditional gujiya shape
Folded edge shaped gujiya

Now prepare all of it using the same method or according to your desired shape..and as you can see the picture i have uploaded have pateled edge..you can do the same by just pressing the back side of spoon inwards around the edges.

Now put a pan to deep fry the gujiya..add oil..make sure the pan is completely dry before putting oil..Now heat the oil in medium flame and then start putting gujiya according to the size of your pan..you can put 3 to 4 at a time to deep fry evenly.

Now deep fry by flipping gently in medium flame only and then remove it to oil paper when it turns soft golden..and this crisp delicious Indian dessert dumplings are all set to grab a bite..So don’t forget to try this gujiya this holi.👍👍

Note:-do not powder the sugar too much..mild granular texture gives the stuffing a very crunchy taste.

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