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How to make aloo bhindi/classic aloo bhindi recipe

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The most delicious and simple aloo bhindi recipe

Aloo bhindi is one of the most common dry curry in Indian families..Okra which is called as bhindi blends perfectly well with some chopped potatoes..The recipe I have brought today is simple enough with minimum ingredients..This a dry curry which is stir fried in oil..The taste is absolutely amazing with lesser amount of spices added.

Okra or bhindi is one of the most demanding vegetable and also count in the favorite veggies..When it comes to Okra, making dry curry out of it always best because it has some slimey properties which is not always appripriated …when it comes in contact with water while cooking, it becomes slimy..So the best way to cook okra is ,to fry and also there are other dishes are being prepared with okra like the tomato okra curry, where chopped okra are deep fried first to avoid the slime in curry..

Tip:-whenever you are preparing okra in a soupy way, do deep fry it, to get rid of the sliminess.

2. Okra/Bhindi can also be combined with both chopped potato and onions.

Aloo bhindi is an amazing and simple recipe cooked in so many different ways.It can also be cooked with adding some onions with it.whichbis called ad bhindi pyaj..So let’s start making aloo bhindi quick.






12 to 14 long chopped bhindi/okra

2 long chopped potatoes

3 table spoon cooking oil

Note:-I have used mustard oil because the mild flavor of mustard through the oil gives the food a very natural warm color and flavor.Some of the stir fry curries like the potatoes, okra, eggplant goes really well with the flavor of mustard oil.

1/2 tea spoon chilli powder

1/3 tea spoon turmeric powder

1 tea spoon coriander powder

Salt to taste

1 teaspoon mustard seeds

So these are the only ingredients needed to make aloo bhindi which is easily available in our kitchen.


Before chopping the okra/bhindi, make sure to wash it off and then mop each of them well with a clean cotton cloth to avoid any contact with water to avoid the sliminess..then long chop the potatoes also by washing it off and mopping it too.

I chopped both the okra and potatoes in long shspes.

Now take a pan, put it on high flame..Add oil , let the oil be really hot..If you are using mustard oil, make sure to cook the oil first to avoid any strong fragrance of mustard..So how to know mustard oil has been cooked up really well?when you will pour the oil into the pan, you will see bubbles forming specially while using mustard oil. So to cook the oil good, make sure to wait until the bubbles disappear completely. It is sounding like it will take too much time but it just take 1 minute or some seconds.Now put the mustard seeds into it..it will start to pop, then add the chopped okra and potatoes, add salt and turmeric powder first..mix all the ingredients well using a spatula.

This picture is just after adding the salt and the turmeric

After cooking in high flame for 2 to 3 minutes , you will see the edges of bhindi/okra and potatoes becoming golden..that time add the chilli powder and coriander powder..mix well again..again cook for 1 minute in high flame and then lower the flame , close the lid to let it be cooked perfectly..

When the potatoes become soft to touch and the okra squeezes, it has been cooked perfectly..Now taste a bite of this simple delicacy..Its yummy. Give this delicious and so popular dry Indian curry a try.👍

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