How to reduce Food waste/impact and management

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Food waste is a matter of concern and a topic to be discussed in a very easy way.The constant social economic changes impacts the society as well as its surroundings.Food waste and its impact on the environment is a cause of concern.Over the period of time it has become an issue to be addressed to spread awareness among people to avoid food waste as much as possible.

What is food waste

The topic is not so difficult to understand.As we all have grown up listening from our elders to not waste food.Take as much required on your plate.To address the matter of food waste, it is important to make conscious efforts to reduce it.Food squander alludes to food suitable for human utilization being disposed of, whether after it is kept past its expiry date or passed on to ruin. Frequently this is on the grounds that food has ruined however it very well may be for different reasons, for example, oversupply because of business sectors, or individual customer shopping/dietary patterns.

Food waste happens along the whole range of creation, from the homestead to appropriation to retailers to the customer. Reasons incorporate misfortunes from shape, bugs, or insufficient environment control,misfortunes from cooking etc.

Impact of food waste on environment

Food should be developed and handled, moved, disseminated, ready, ate, and at times discarded. Every one of these means makes ozone depleting substances that trap the sun’s intensity and add to environmental change. About 33% of all human-caused ozone depleting substance emanations is connected to food.On the off chance that the waste isn’t reused somehow or another, it winds up in landfills and those landfills produce methane gas as the waste breaks down. This gas is one of the main reasons of environmental change. Furthermore, alongside ozone harming substances, these squanders likewise adversely affect the climate.

Enormous eateries, stores, retail outlets, and individual customers can likewise diminish their “food impression” by distinguishing where food waste happens.Shoppers should attempt to purchase food as per a dinner plan so they don’t wind up squandering consumable food. Food might be less expensive when you buy in mass, however in actuality, you are not exactly setting aside cash when all you are doing is tossing it in the canister toward the week’s end.

How to reduce food waste

Food is the fuel to human body and it should not be squandered as much as possible.We as responsible human can take some preventive steps to reduce food waste.

  • Make sure to check your refrigerator and containers before going for groceries and vegetables.It not only helps in calculating the quantity of food to buy but also helps in good monetary management.
  • Make sure to use leftover foods like rice, roti and vegetables the same day instead of putting it inside the fridge for days and throwing away.Also the accessive can be served to the needy people searching for food.
  • Make sure to bring the right amount of vegetables as it can rotten easily and keep it inside the refrigerator instantly to keep it fresh for longer.
  • Store appropriately.Food storage has a big role in reducing food waste.Start by keeping your food in airtight containers to avoid contact with air as it can encourage bacteria growth.
  • Try to be creative while using leftover food.Such as refrying rice with veggies.Using leftover roties/flatbreads to make roti sandwiches.Use vegetables to make delicious soup.Mix dal rice and make a delicious khichdi by sautéing in spices.
  • Indeed, even vegetable strips don’t need to go to squander. Patio treating the soil is an extraordinary method for keeping food squander out of the landfill and give nourishment to your nursery. You likewise can find little treating the soil compartments that you can keep in your home.
  • Use placards during parties and functions to spread awareness as well as encourage guests to take only required amount of foods on their pate, so that it can be served among the needy afterwards.

These are the most simple and useful steps to reduce food squander.Reducing food waste not only helps in creating a safe environment also it helps in great kitchen management while cooking or buying.Reducing food waste also somehow helps in eating less leftovers and more fresh food.

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