Indian snack-The incredible taste and flavor of India

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Crispy Indian snacks

Indian snacks are crispy,flavorful and tasty delights.The popularity of Indian snacks have been extended in so many ways.It has definitely dominated the food market.Starting from the packaged ones to the ones sold around the street corners, each of them serves an incredible taste and flavor.

Majority of street side Indian snacks are potato based.Potatoes and veggies are used to make stuffings and fillings for rolls, sandwiches or chops.Some of the most popular examples are Samosa,aloo chops,sandwiches,cutlets and many more.

The more you will explore the Indian snack market, the more varieties you will get to know about.The packaged snack items like bhujia,mixture,toasts,husks,roasted peanuts,roasted lentils and many more.Most of them are dip fried seasoned with Indian spices and seasonings.

History of Indian snacks

One of the oldest and the most loved Indian snack is chiwda.It is sold across the streets and also easy to make at home.

Chiwda mixture/poha mixture

This snack is prepared by roasting or dip frying the chiwda/flattened rice and thereby mixing it with roasted peanuts,curry leaves and seasonings.

The history of Indian snacks is closely connected to its culture and traditions.You can call it as a side dish or a small portion of a meal to enhance the taste.The great thing about Indian snack is, it is not limited to nay particular region, the increasing popularity has led it to the other states and regions of the country.

When it comes to Indian snacks, samosa is always on the top of the listing.The taste,crisp and texture makes it different than other snack items.

What is samosa

Samosa is a crispy dip fried fritter,shaped in triangular form.It is stuffed with soft stuffing of potatoes, veggies and spices.The outer layer is prepared using all purpose flour with few other ingredients.It is then dip fried to get the that crispy texture.

Thi south Asian snack samosa is believed to be derived from the middle east.The samosa has embarked on a remarkable journey, leaving its mark in various corners of the world. From Egypt to Libya, and from Central Asia to India, this triangular stuffed delicious snack has earned widespread fame under different names.

For the past eight centuries, the samosa has held immense popularity in South Asian cuisine. Its taste knows no boundaries.

It is believed that Delhi Sultanate kept skilled cooks from the Middle East and Central Asia who found employment in the Sultan’s kitchens where samosa was introduced to South Asia.

Most popular Indian snacks

The popularity of Indian snack has no boundaries.Every state has its own popular snack and the good part is,the taste and flavor of that particular snack is fondly extended to other parts of the country.One of the most common example are, gathiya,bhujia,namkeen and many other.

About Ganthiya

Ganthiya is a well known and very popular Gujrati snack,which is one of the most easily available snack in any snack store.

This snack is originated in Bhavnagar, a city in Gujarat, and has been a part of the region’s food culture for generations.

Ganthiya is a popular teatime snack not only in Gujarat but across India and also among NRIs across the world. The texture of gathiya is softer and crisper.There is also a sweeter version of gathiya prepared, which is called as meetha Ganthiya.

About bhujia

Bhujia is a very popular Indian snack.It has found its way from bikaner to the other parts of the country.This yellow colored India snack is a crispy delight and and an appropriate snack with tea.This irresistible snack comes in other varieties like aloo bhujia,palak bhujia,masala bhujia.

Aloo bhujia

The popularity of bhujia has made it one of the most loved snack in Indian families.A container full of bhujia and other namkeens are always on the kitchen shelves.This delightful savory is also used to garnish many food items like chaat,bhel mudhi and many more to enhance the taste.


There are huge varieties come in Indian snack items.All of them are different in taste and shape.Indian snack’s rich history and cultural significance make it a remarkable culinary tapestry that not only delights the taste buds but also gives an insight into the country’s diverse traditions, flavours, and culinary heritage.

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