Cheese sandwich recipe/how to make healthy cheese sandwich at home

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Delicious cheese sandwich

cheese sandwich is one of the most delicious and simple recipe one can easily make.This healthy sandwich recipe is super delicious in taste.I have used chenna which is also known Indian farmers cheese for this sandwich.

When it comes to sandwiches, it is one of our comfort food and also easy to make.This cheese sendwich is one of the most delicious and quick to make recipe and the use of home made farmers cheese makes it different in taste.






Making farmers cheese/chenna is no big deal as it is a quick process and also for this recipe making cheese at home is best.

The stuffing for cheese sandwich is simple enough but the taste is way too authentic.It is hardly a 10 minutes quick recipe when the cheese is ready and also different in taste than the regular one.You can have this sandwich anytime of the day.



What is Farmer’s cheese

Farmer’s cheese is a variety of fresh cheese made by curdling cow milk .It is also the first step to make Indian cottage cheese at home.

Farmer’s cheese which is also famously called as chenna in India, is lower in calories, high in protein in comparison to cream cheese or sliced cheese.

In my family we also like to have farmers cheese by mixing sugar into it and it tastes so good.Farmer’s cheese is very famous in India and it is also called as Indian cottage cheese/paneer after making it firm in texture.

How to make farmer’s cheese or chenna at home

The process of making farmer’s cheese is simple enough.It is basically a two ingredient recipe.Cow milk and lemon juice.Simply put 1 litr of milk into a container and put it on high flame for boiling.



In this period squeeze 1 lemon in a small bowl add 3 tablespoon water and mix well.Now as the milk starts to boil, lower the flame and pour lemon juice slowly until the milk curdles nicely.

The milk has been curdled nicely

As you can see the water and the cheese has been separated.Now strain the water from the cheese.

Farmers cheese or Chenna

This is the first step to make cottage cheese or paneer.It is then squeezed in a cotton cloth and pressed to make paneer.

How to make cheese sandwich

This healthy cheese sandwich is easy to make and soo yummy in taste.


1 cup farmer’s cheese/chenna

1/2 cup fresh creamy curd

1 medium sized chopped onion

2 dried red chili finely chopped

1 and 1/2 teaspoon salt

Butter to grill


Take a container,put the cheese into it. Mash with hands and then add curd,chopped onions, salt and chili flakes.Mix well using a spoon.

Cheese sandwich stuffing

Now spread it on your bread, cover it with another.

Now grill it using butter both the side nicely.You can also use griller if you wish to but I generally prefer grilling on nonstick pan.

And this delicious cheese sandwich is ready.Combine it with tomato sauce.The taste is absolutely cheesy and yummy.Do try this cheese sandwich recipe at your home.Stay tuned to https://www.vegrecipesandcooking.com for more delicious home-cooked veg recipes.

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