How to make Indian Flatbread

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Indian roasted chapati/paratha

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Welcome back to the delicious Indian food recipes..Today’s post is for the audiences around the globe who are curious to know about the Indian flatbread and how it is being prepared..There are two basic chapati every Indian family makes almost everyday..one is the dry one without any butter or oil which is called as fulka or the other one is roasted in oil or butter , which is called as paratha or in general you can call it roasted chapati..The dough for this two types of Flatbread is same.




Well, I would say there are still some tips and tricks that can be applied to which is important to keep the rotis or paratha soft..Sometimes our chapati hardens which is not the correct texture..it must be soft to break after sometime of preparing it.I always thought of it as the easiest thing to make but giving it the correct texture and a balanced roast is what makes it good to have..



Chapati being a staple food in In India..Over the course of time the varieties in chapatis/roti or Indian Flatbread are made in so many forms..I thought of writing about the very common and everyday chapati that we prepare at our home..So let’s cook Indian flat bread in the easiest way.




2 cups wheat flour

1 teaspoon salt

Water accordingly

Oil to roast (we use refined sunflower oil)



Simply knead the flour by adding salt into it and thereby adding water slowly to give it a semi tight texture..Prepare the dough 10 minutes before making the flatbread to make it soft in texture..So soak it up for 15 minutes and then again knead it using you hands well for 3 minutes..

Now heat your flat pan in medium flame…If you are making the dry rotis or chapati, simply roll a 3 inches ball into a flat round bread by dusting dry wheat flour both the sides..now put it into the pan and flip both the side once and then put it directly on to flame to roast it or you can roast it on the pan itself by pressing a wooden chapati pressure..just by flipping both the sides for some seconds goes well.

Now if you are making the roasted flatbread/paratha then, take a little more quantity of dough than the dry chapati..Roll it a bit, spread 1/2 teaspoon oil and fold it into a triangle or pentagon.

Preparation to make Indian Flatbread

Now roll it into a Flatbread from all the sides..It might take a bit practice to get the exact shapeโœŒ

Indian Flatbread

Now put it on the flat pan..keep it for some seconds then flip it and spead 1/2 tablespoon oil..use a spoon in a spreading motion by pressing gently to give a balanced heat to all the sides.. flip the paratha/roasted flatbread and do the same both the sides.

Cooking paratha

Now as soon as it becomes dotted golden everywhere..remove it from the pan and fold it..enjoy with your favorite curry๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

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