Sewaiyan upma recipe/vermicelli pasta recipe/Indian recipe

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Delicious and simple recipe for sewaiya upma/vermicelli pasta.

Hello guys!!

Am back with another delicious yet a very simple snack recipe..Sewaiyan Upma. This is one of my favorite go to snack recipe anytime of the day..We often run out of different snack recipes and even sometimes forget the simplest one..Put this sewaiyan upma in your snack list without a second thought because it’s amazing in taste.

Sewaiya or vermicelli pasta is a very popular Indian breakfast recipe..Sautéed in veggies and some spices it tastes really great..Its one of the children’s favorite recipes..So let’s make this delicious snack.





2 cups sewaiyan

1 cup chopped onions

1/2 cup grated carrots

1/2 cup peanut (optional)

Some freshly chopped coriander leaves

3 chopped green chilli

1 table spoon mustard seeds

1 tea spoon turmeric powder

3 table spoon oil

Salt to taste

Tip:-You can add other veggies like some chopped capcicum and green peas.

Method:-To make sewaiyan upma, Take a big container to boil the sewaiyan.Put it on gas ,add ample water..let it come to boiling point..now add the turmeric powder.Tip:-turmeric powder gives it a very beautiful yellow color, if you don’t like, You can completely avoid it.Now put all the sewaiyan into it..let it boil until the sewaiya turns soft to touch..it will take 5 to 7 minutes for sewaiya to get boiled properly..Don’t overboil.

Now stain the water completely using a stainer and pour normal water over the sewaiyan to get rid of the stickiness..keep it aside to let the water be stained completely.

Boiled sewaiyan ready to be cooked

In this mean time put a pan on the gas..add oil..Let it be hot..Now add the mustard seeds to pop..then add the chopped onions, carrots ,peanuts,coriander leaves and green chill..mix well using a flat spoon..cook in medium flame until all the ingredients turns half cooked..generally for 3 to 4 minutes..then add salt..mix well..then add the boiled sewaiyan into it..mix all the ingredients well to avoid uneven taste and texture..cook for just 2 minutes and remove it into a bowl to grab a delicious bite.

Enjoy this delicious recipe.👍👍




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