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Rajasthani Churma recipe

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Delicious Rajasthani churma made in a very simple way.

Hello world!

Welcome to the hub of foods and flavors..Its again a dessert recipe today..Churma!!churma is a very traditional and delicious Indian dessert and widely famous in Rajasthan and haryana and also it is called by different names in different parts of the country..The best qualities about this dessert is, it is made using very easily available ingredients that we use in our kitchen.like wheat flour, oil, sugar and some nuts..The texture of churma is cumbly , so it is often combined with milk or daal/lentils..Have you heard about daal,baati and churma..The famous food delicacy of Rajasthan..Yum!!

This dessert is amazing and also the process of making this dessert is really simple..To make the taste extra yumm, you can add some nuts of your choice, like almonds,cashews or pistachios..I have added cashews only..

So let’s make this yum yum!!


2 cups of wheat flour

1 cup sugar

4 table spoon oil/butter

Oil to deep fry

Some chopped nuts of your choice


To make churma firstly take a bowl..add wheat flour add oil/butter..dry mix well using your hands..now take water in a jug, and pour in smaller quantities also mixing the flour at the same time..make a dough tighter than the regular tottilla dough..so make sure to add water in small quantities to exactly get the texture..let it be socked up for 5 minutes..in that period..put a pan on the gas..add oil to deep fry..Put it on medium flame.. Now make balls out of all the dough and press once on your palm, just as cookie shaped or just take one tortilla amount of dough and just press once by closing your palms..I could not upload the exact image, but I m sure you understood the shapes of making it..Now put it into the oil one by one..cook in medium flame and make it golden brown by flipping it time to time..

Deep fry all the dough the same way..Now make samll pieces by craking it ..let it be cool down for 10 minutes..Now take a mix ture grinder jar and grind it into fine granular texture..just like the picture above..pour it all in a container..grind the sugar in the same jar to make a powder out of it..now mix the powdered sugar into the Churma.. mix well using your hands..add some chopped nuts of your choice..and the most delicious churma is ready..eat this delicious dessert by mixing it with some milk..It will taste to you like a very delicious sweet porridge.


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