How to make churma/paratha churma recipe

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welcome back to the home-cooked delicious desserts and dishes…Earlier I have shared one of the delicious Rajasthani churma recipe..Which is a very famous Indian dessert popular in parts like Rajasthan,haryana..This time also its a churma recipe but made in a completely different way..Quicker than the earlier one and the taste and texture is also different..

As we all know churma is a crumbly dessert and often combined with milk or daal/yellow lentils..The daal for churma is prepared in a different way from the way we prepare it on regular days..But the churma recipe I have brought today doesn’t need anything to combined with because it’s aleeady moist in texture and you can have it anytime of the day..I have learnt this recipe from my mom and she makes it easily within minutes whenever we feel like having a quick dessert..So let’s start making this amazing and simple dessert, Paratha Churma..

It is named as paratha churma because it is made by making a paratha and then by roasting it in butter or ghee and then mixing it with coconut and sugar.


2 cup wheat flour

1/2 cup grated coconut

3/4 cup sugar

4 table spoon ghee/non salted butter


To make paratha churma, start by making a dough..Take a container, add the wheat flour and 2 table spoon ghee..dry mix slowly add water to make a tight dough..tighter than the regular roti/tortilla roll it into a thick tortilla or paratha..1/2 c.m thick..

Put a flat pan on the gas..heat in medium put the paratha/tortilla on it..roast both the sides by adding butter, atleast 1 table spoon both the side in medium flame until it is well cooked all over and looks remove it from the pan and then make pieces out of it for an easy grinding..before grinding it, let it be cool down for 5 the mean time, if you have not grated coconut, simply grind it into crumbly in texture.. Now grind the paratha also..pour it in a container..add the coconut and non-powdered raw sugar..mix well..and this is ready guys..

have bowl..its super 😋

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