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Meetha chawal recipe/delicious sweet rice

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Delicious meetha chwal/sweet rice made in pressure cooker with added nuts and flavors

Hello everyone👋

Today I have come with another yum on my plate..The super delicious and yummy sweet rice/meetha chawal, also called as meetha bhaat in many parts of the country, made in a very simple way but the taste is soo authentic.

Its a traditional mouthwatering rice dessert recipe directly made in pressure cooker..I have learned this recipe from my mom which is specially being cooked on occasions and festivals but its soo authentic and simple to make that you can cook it anyday you wish to..

This sweet rice or meetha chawal has flavors of cloves, cardamom and Bayleaf..You can cook it directly in a pressure cooker without any difficulty..The taste is really authentic and also I have added cashews for an even more nutty taste..you can add raisins and almonds too.. the texture is on the moist side because of the added sugar..

I m sure you are going to cook this yum again and again once you taste it..so let’s start making the yummy meetha chawal/sweet rice.





1 cup rice

1 cup sugar

2 and 1/2 cup water

2 table spoon ghee/non salted butter

1 bay leaf

4 cloves

4 cardamom

40 g.m cashews

2 pinches of warm yellow edible food color

Tip:-you can add more dry nuts of your choice





Before starting the process of making meetha chawal/sweet rice make sure to soak the rice in double quantity of water for atleast 1 hour before cooking..then stain the water using a stainer and let it be just moist but not watery..So, stain the water completely.

Take a medium sized pressure cooker..heat it in high flame..let it be dry completely..Now add the ghee into it..Now add the cashews and roast it into light golden..remove it into a plate..now add the bay leaf,cardamoms and cloves into it..after seconds of putting these..add the rice into it..mix well..Tip:- you don’t have to roast rice.Now put water as the mentioned quantity..add sugar and 2 pinches of warm yellow edible food color.. mix well..add the cashews..mix well again..now close the cap of pressure cooker and let it whistle for 5 to 6 times in high flame for a soft meetha Chawal/sweet rice..let it cool down and grab a bowl.. wow!!its really yummy..

Do treat yourself and your family with this yumm😋👍👍


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