Five delicious Indian curry recipe

Five delicious Indian curry recipes/Indian food

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Five delicious Indian curry

Indian curries are incredible in taste and flavor.Specially the ones that our moms cook at home effortlessly are just too good.In Indian homes, we swear by curries during the lunch and dinner times.Here I have brought five most delicious and easy curry recipes.

Indian curries are the best vegan option.The taste,flavors and spices are the key ingredients to make delicious curry.When it comes to curry, the idea is not only limited to regular ones but also some traditional savory included.

Aloo ki sabji/Potato curry

Potato curry

This potato curry/also ki sabji is cooked effortlessly directly in pressurecooker. Without any doubt,this is one of the easiest and tastiest curry one can make.Aloo ki sabji is not only limited to the daily food but because of its taste, it is also mostly preferred on special occasions and festivals.This potato curry is spiced up with ginger,curry leaves and other ingredients.

Aloo brigan ki sabji/Potato aubergine curry

Aloo baigan ki sabji/Potato aubergine curry

This potato aubergine curry is the most delicious combination.A quick recipe to must try, cooked using some basic easily available ingredients.Ideal for anytime of the day.A definitely authentic one pot curry made within 15 minutes.

Mangodi ki Sabji/lentil dumplings curry

This traditional Rajasthani cuisine is a perfect representation to authentic Indian dishes.The speciality of this Indian curry is, it is made using dried lentil dumpling.It is slow cooked in spices and flavors.One of the best alternatives when you are running out of veggies.

Mix vegetable masala

Mix vegetables masala curry

Mix vegetables masala curry is a combination of four veggies cooked together with added spices and ingredients.This is one of the most popular curry in Indian homes.

Masala lauki curry recipe/spicey bottle gourd

Masala lauki curry recipe

This masala lauki curry is a slow cooked bottle gourd curry sautéed in tomatoes,onions and other masala/spices.This curry combines really well with roti/Flatbread.Approprite for anytime of the day.

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