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Tomato Upma

Tomato upma is a very authentic and delicious south Indian breakfast and a great way to give a twist to the regular upma.It is made using rawa/semolina, tomatoes,curry leaves and other spices.

Tomato upma tastes so amazing on its own that you don’t need anything on the side.This tangy and spicy tomato upma is great as a breakfast dish.It is also a great option during the evening times.

Tomato upma tastes great when served hot.You can squeeze a bit of lemon juice if you like your upma a bit sour.

What is Upma

Upma or Uppumavu is a dish originating from Indian subcontinent.Upma is basically an Indian breakfast dish which is primarily made using semolina/rawa including other spices.

Various seasonings and vegetables can be added while making upma according to individual preferences.Tomato upma is the South Indian style, a bit spicey and a dish you must try.

Cooking upma is a simple process which includes roasting the vegetables and spices with semolina/rawa and then making it fluffy by cooking in water.

How to make Tomato Upma

Upma is one of the easy to make yet the most tasty Indian breakfast which is made using simple kitchen ingredients.Semolina is the main ingredient with some spices added.Just like tomato upma you can also make vegetable upma,onion upma the same way.

Let’s make this delicious Indian dish by listing the ingredients first-

1 and 1/2 cup semolina/rawa

2 medium sized small chopped tomatoes

1 medium sized small chopped onion

Curry leaves for flavor

1 teaspoon red chilli powder

1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder

3 tablespoon oil

1 teaspoon mustard seeds

1 tablespoon salt

Hot water to cook semolina as needed


Start the process of making tomato upma by putting an oval pan or kadhai on the gas.Let it be dry completely.Now add oil.Let the oil be hot.Gently put mustard seeds and curry leaves.As the seeds starts to pop.Put the chopped tomatoes and onions.Cook in medium flame.Stir well.Then add the spices like chilli powder and turmeric powder.

In this period of time, make sure to heat atleast 4 cups of water in a saucepan.We are not going to use the whole water but there is no harm in warming a bit more.Using hot water keeps the upma lump free and intact in taste.

Keep cooking the spices in medium flame until the tomatoes become soft.Then add the semolina/rawa and also add salt.Mix well an d roast in medium flame for three to four minutes nicely using a spatula.

Roasting semolina and other spices to make tomato upma.

Now after a good roast.Gently pour the warm water and keep stirring.You will see the semolina fluffing up.Keep mixing.

Mixing the spices and semolina while adding water

Now mix well.some people like it in a porridge like texture and some prefer it a bit dry and grainy.Add water according to your preference and this delicious tomato upma is ready.

This savory Indian dish doesn’t need anything to combine with but if you want you can have some coconut or Chana dal chutney.Its try on this recipe and share with your fr

Delicious tomato upma made using simple kitchen ingredients,spices and flavors.

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