How to make jam/grape jam recipe

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This is the most authentic grape jam made without any preservatives

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Welcome back to the mini hub of home-cooked yum yums..Today I have brought quick and delicious jam recipe, as we all love jam and often buy it from the market.Jam ranges in so many flavors like the orange jam, mix fruit jam, grape jam and many more..As I was so used to with the packaged ones, I never thought of making jam at home..I always had a thought about the preservatives used and so never thought of trying jam at home..





The best part about today’s recipe is, it is free of any preservatives and its just a two ingredients recipe..πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹The good part is, its texture, taste and consistency turned out soo good that, I would suggest, if you have kids at home, and loves jam then go for this 12 minutes recipe which is exact as the packaged ones with that authentic pulpy taste of the fruits used.




Home made grape jam




You can see the texture of this jam, which is exactly as the jelly like texture..I have used black grapes to make this fruit jam and there was no colors added to it..I had grapes in my refrigerator and thought of using it to make jam apart from eating it raw..These grapes were seedless, so there was no need to remove the seeds and also the peel of these grapes were too thin that there was no need to peel it too..As we all know bread jam is the best alternative for the cravings of desserts..You must try this grape jam..In my opinion it turned out more amezing than my expectation and the best thjng about home-cooked food is, everything under control, the tatse, the flavor, the quantity and all..

So, let’s start cooking this fruit jam quick,which is hardly a 12 to 15 minutes process.


250 g.m black grapes

150 g.m sugar

Note:-The quantity of sugar also depends upon the sweetness of the fruit..the grapes I used were too sweet..so, I used lesser quantity of sugar.. taste the grapes before cooking, if it tastes a little sour..adjust the sugar quantity to 200g.m for the correct taste.


Take a pan, add the grapes and sugar into it..add 1/2 cup water to let the sugar melt easily.

Grapes and sugar in a pan ready to be cooked

Now switch on the flame and let it start to boil..as soon as it starts to boil, switch the flame to medium and cook in the exact temperature..after boiling it for 3 to 4 minutes press the grapes using a potato masher…now cook it until it turns into a jam jelly like texture..just like a semi thick texture because after refrigerating it, it becomes more thick..

This picture is taken after switching of the gas.

This is the exact texture we need to make jam..let it cool down and pour it in a glass jar and store it in the refrigerator..spread some on your bread and I m sure you won’t regret the raw fruity and yummy taste..

Grape jam is all set to be stored.this is soo good.

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