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How to make soft and fluffy dhokla

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This is one of the most delicious and fluffy dhokla recipe made by a mixture of semolina/suji and besan..

Before I have put a dhokla recipe that is vegetable suji dhokla and the link is here..


The recipe of both the dhokla is completely different and the taste is also different..When it comes to dhokla , we all love it as our evening snacks as well as in the breakfast..Dhokla is basically a very famous Gujrati food and its amazing.. the texture is fluffy as a cake and it tastes amazing with sauce and tamarind chutney..

Dhokla is actually a healthier snack then any other deep fried item..I mean of course, as it is steamed..Over the course of time the popularity of dhokla has been increased so much that, it is being sold around street corners and I love to taste Street food so much..It tastes too good actually but home-cooked is always a better option..

The main ingredients of this recipe is suji/semolina, besan/gram flour and curd with some spices added after steaming the batter.The batter of dhokla is semi thick just as a cake batter.Suji and besan is being soaked in curd for 2 hours before making for an even more soft and fluffy texture..

Tip:-To make suji besan dhokla the ratio is really important for the perfect texture and taste.

Tip:-Always steam in high flame..You can also use idli making mold to make this dhokla for idli shape .

Tip:-You can make chilla/pancake using the same batter by adding some veggies into it and then spreading it on flat pan and then roasting it with butter or oil..make sure not to add baking soda while making chilla/pancakes..

Tip:-You can also make appe/appam using the same batter..will post the recipe soon.

So here I have listed three dishes using the same batter you can try..each of them has a different taste..





So let’s start the method of making dhokla by listing the ingredients first:-


3 cups semolina/suji

1 cup besan/gram flour

2 cups curd

1 cup water

1 table spoon salt

1 tea spoon baking soda

1 table spoon mustard seeds

Some curry leaves

3 to 4 green chili chopped in half

2 table spoon oil


Take a container, add semolina/suji, besan and curd according to the ratio..mix well using a hand blender or a big spoon..then slowly add water to make a semithick batter..let it be soaked in for 2 hours before making..You will see after two hours the batter softens and feels fluffy while blending as it ferments a bit because of the curd.

After two hours add the salt and baking soda into it..mix well again..

Tip:-If you are putting the whole batter at once for steaming then put salt and baking soda at once according to the ratio.If your steamer is small, then do devide the batter into two parts as well as the baking soda to add it while putting the batter for steaming..TIP-adding baking soda just before steaming, is more effective than adding it way too much time before..so always add baking soda at the end and then blend it for 2 to 3 minutes clockwise and then put it inside the steamer in high flame..let it be cooked for 12 minutes straight for a perfect fluffy texture..you can also check whether it is done or not by putting a tooth pick or the back side of a spoon, if it comes out sticky..it need 2 3 minutes more to be cooked wholly..

Take an oval pan or spoon..put it on high flame..add oil, let it be warm, then add the mustard seeds, curry leaves and chopped Chilli..roast for some seconds..switch off the gas and use a spoon to spread the oil all over the steamed dhokla.

Enjoy the yumm๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

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