What are the health benefits of greenpeas/matar

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Green peas

Green peas are full of health and nutrition. These edible wonder pods are one of those wonders of nature meant for human nourishment.As the season change,the varieties in vegetables become more prominent.Green peas are one among the popular vegetables that are considered really great for human health.They have been a part of human diet since hundreds of years and consumed all around the world in different ways.

The naturally sweet taste of these peas makes it a fair choice for children to peel off the outer surface and eagerly plucking the pods to eat directly.Also it can be a fun task for children.During winters, it is one of the most found vegetable around the vegetable market and also it has made its way towards some incredibly delicious recipes to must include in your diet.Some of the most commonly cooked green peas/matar recipes are-aloo matar,Gobi matar,matar paratha,matar paneer etc.

Nutrition and health benefits

Rich in antioxidants and minerals, green peas are rich source of protein,fiber and complex carbs.

Rich in protein

Green peas are one of the best way to reap the benefits of plant based protein.

The remarkable protein content of green peas goes with them a phenomenal food decision for the individuals who don’t eat creature items. Notwithstanding, it is vital to eat an assortment of protein-containing food varieties over the course of the day to ensure you are getting the fundamental amino acids in general.

Including protein rich vegetables like green peas contribute to improved bone health, promoting muscle strength.

Improve skin health

Collagen is a protein in the body that makes our skin and hair sound. Green peas contain high measures of protein that help collagen creation in the body and slow the course of skin maturing. Collagen likewise assists with keeping skin from drooping and makes it delicate and supple.

Rich in vitamin A and C, peas might help repair skin cells by helping to prevent breakouts and other skin issues.The skin friendly nutrients in green peas helps in lowering skin inflammation by keeping it supple and glowey.

Helps keeping sugar levels under control

Several properties in green peas my help in controlling blood sugar levels.The low glycerin index in green peas can be helpful to regulate blood sugar levels.The fiber and protein content in green peas also can be helpful in controlling sugar.Reseaerhes shows that protein rich foods may be helpful in stabilizing blood sugar levels.

May help in digestion

A balanced amount of green peas in your diet may help in digestion.The fiber content in peas support the digestive health.fiber rich foods help the gut by maintaining the flow of waste through your digestive tract.

Green peas recipes

The peak of winter has arrived and the vegetables market has been flooded with colorful winter vegetables.Green peas are one among the most loved and cooked in Indian homes.Endless varieties of dishes are being prepared.Starting from curries to snacks and many more.Some of the most common and delicious are-

Aloo matar/Green peas and potato

This is one of the classic Indian cuisine every Indian family swear by.This is a go to recipe for anytime of the day.It can be cooked in two ways-The dry ones and the gravy ones.The dry aloo matar is sautéed in oil with few added spices like turmeric powder,chilli powder, coriander powder.Whereas the gravy ones are cooked in tomato puree,chopped onions and other spices.

Gobi matar/Cauliflower green peas

Gobi matar is another common way to cook green peas with cauliflower.It can be stir fried using only salt and black pepper and also can be cooked with spices and flavors to make it more tangy in taste.

Matar paratha/Green peas Flatbread

This is one of the most amazing green peas recipe to must try.A tangy and spicey green peas stuffing is prepared by grinding it into granular texture.It is then cooked with spices like ginger,chili powder,turmeric powder, and green chilli.A soft stuffing is made to fill inside the regular wheat tortilla dough.It is thereby roasted using oil for a crispy texture.

Green peas are used in soups and other snack items too.Because of its multipurpose use it is one of most bought veggie during winters.

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