Why bitter gourd is bitter in taste?

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Bitter gourd!!as the name sounds,it is a Bitter vegetable that grows on the vine.It is Bitter in taste but also cooked in different possible ways to reap its multiple health benefits.

In india Bitter gourd is known as karela and has many culinary usage.One of the main reasons behind including Bitter gourd in diet is, its medicinal properties significant since traditional times.Also it is avoided  by many because of its bitter taste.People apply different cooking ways to subside its bitterness while preparing, like boiling it with turmeric and removing the bitterness by straining the water.



So what exactly causes Bitter gourd to taste Bitter or why bitter gourd tastes bitter is an obvious question that comes to mind everytime you taste it.So let’s know about the reason behind the bitterness in bitter gourd.





Why bitter gourd tastes bitter

There are a lot of questions pops up in your head while cooking food or while doing a grocery shopping.I have always wondered why this vegetable called bitter gourd(karela)is bitter in taste?

This nutrients rich vegetable is believed to have greater impact on our health and wellbeing.In Indian culinary, it is cooked in different ways and also there are people who like the bitterness in bitter gourd as a distinctive flavor.

The bitterness in bittergourd is caused by the non-toxic glycoside momordicin.It causes bitterness in bitter gourd and also provides many health benefits.Momordicin is a chemical compound found in the bitter melon family possibly responsible for its reputed medicinal values.



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