Low carb Indian food

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Leafy greens and onions/Low carb Indian food

Food plays a vital role in maintaining health and overall wellbeing.Its always important to choose the right food to improve health.Low carb diet is a term gaining a lot of attention in recent days.People who are opting for weightloss and certain medical issues constantly trying to know about low carb diet and its multiple health benefits.

What is low carb?

Carbohydrates, which is also called as carbs is one of the three micronutrients along with protein and fats.Carbohydrates are responsible for providing energy to the body.Low carb refers to a food regimen that significantly reduces the intake of carbohydrates.A low carb diet emphasizes on the consumption of protein,vegetables and more foods packed in nutrition and health.Carbohydrates are generally found in foods like bread,rice based foods,staples and other Sugary items.Although these are rich source of energy to human body,Accessive intake of carbohydrates can lead to weight gain,diabetes and other related issues.

A low carb diet restricts extra intake of carbohydrates than required.The main focus of low carb diet is to, eat more of proteins,vegetables and healthy sources of fats found in nuts or seeds.

Staple ingredients for low carb Indian food

There are numerous Ingridients used in Indian cuisine to create low carb foods and dishes.One of the most preferred Ingridients for those opting for low carb diet is Indian cottage cheese called as paneer.Many delicious dishes are being prepared using cottage cheese such as paneer bhurji,paneer masala,paneer rice,paneer Tikka and other.It is a great low carb ingredient and a rich source of protein to mix with salads.

Other than cottage cheese,leafy greens,vegetables like broccoli,cabbage,cauliflower,spinach are used to prepare low carb Indian foods and dishes.Low carb Indian foods are prepared using ingredients low in Carbohydrates and hence keeping the flavors of Indian cuisine intact.

Health benefits of low carb Indian food

There are numerous health benefits of a low carb diet.Excluding carbs from diet depends upon the age,lifestyle and weight.It is generally advisable for people with accessive weight to reduce carb from their diet.

Weight loss

One of the most appreciated benefits of a low carb diet is, weight loss.Although it is always advisable to consult a dietician before making any crucial changes.Any accessive intake can be managed and balanced on your own.

People who follow a low carb diet tend to reduce weight faster than people who follow low fat diet.Carbohydrates are responsible for the production of insulin in body.The primary fat storing hormone.By losing carbs in your diet eventually helps in lowering the production of insulin.It helps in burning the existing fats rather than creating new ones.Research suggests that a  low carb diet is the most efficient way to reduce waight.

Better digestion

Sugar consumed in a high carb diet can nourish the bad bacteria flourishing in the stomach.It can lead to stomach cramps,indigestion or gastritis.Adopting to a low carb diet helps in better digestion through nutrients and antioxidants found in nuts,green vegetables and good sources of fats.

Helps in better skin health

Reducing carbohydrates and adopting a low carb diet can help in better skin health.Low carb diet includes beneficial fats such as Omega-3 fatty acids which can enhance blood flow to the skin resulting in clearer and better skin.

A low carb diet is a reduction in refined sugar and heavy meals that can reduce inflammation.When you avoid accessive Sugary foods and high carb foods by including healthy fats,nutritious foods and drinks, it automatically helps in better skin health by boosting collagen production.







Helps in diabetes

Low carb diet is believed to have a good impact  in controlling diabetes.Foods low in Carbohydrates help shed excess weight and lowering blood sugar levels.It is always advisable to take medical experts supervision before making any extreme changes in your diet.Research studies shows that controlling high carb and sugary foods reduces the amount of glucose entering the bloodstream.This helps in stabilizing blood sugar levels.

A low carb diet is good for heart health

A low carb diet may help in heart health by reducing LDL(bad cholesterol) and increasing HDL (good cholesterol).Following a diet low in carb includes foods rich in healthy fats,protein and nutrition.It may help in lowering blood pressure levels which is related to heart health.


A healthy low carb diet can be beneficial in so many ways.With changing lifestyles, it is always a plus point in making few dietary changes with the help of a medical expert or dietician.Make sure to not make any extreme changes in children’s diet on your own, as it may hamper the growth and wellbeing.Taking expert’s help is always appreciated.

What are the low carb Indian foods?

Low carb Indian foods include dishes prepared using leafy greens,salads,curries made using cauliflower/cabbage/broccoli,dishes prepared using cottage cheese(Paneer) and other nutritious seeds and vegetables.A low carb Indian goods are nutritious,rich in protein,vitamins,good fats and minerals.Lets list some if the best and popular low carb Indian foods.

Roasted cauliflower

Roasted cauliflower is one of the best low carb Indian food.It is roasted in oil with few added Indian spices like chilli powder,turmeric powder and coriander powder.Roased cauliflower makes the best option for low carb diet.This nutritious dish is low in calories and fills up the stomach without making you feel hungry.

Palak paneer(spinach and cottage cheese)

Palak paneer is one of the most exotic Indian cuisine.The incredible and delicious taste of this dish has made it to the best indian foods list.Spinach are good source  of iron and low in calories and cottage cheese is one of the best protein option for a low carb diet.This is a great combination of food for weight loss and calorie management.

Sweet and sour pumpkin curry

Pumpkins are one of the most underrated vegetable with multiple health benefits.The natural sweetness of this vegetable makes the curry on the sweeter side.Pumpkins are low in carb and a great way to include in the form of curry,salads or pie.Sweet and sour pumpkin curry is a traditional Indian cuisine that will enhance your tatse without compromising with your diet plan.Indian spices,jaggery and seasonings are used to make this delicious Indian cuisine.

Bhaji raita(leafy greens and yogurt)

Bhaji raita is a yogurt based side dish.It is a traditional and popular Indian cuisine.Leafy greens are called as bhaji in india and raita refers to a thick yogurt mixture spiced up with Indian spices and seasonings.Bhaji raita ia a healthy combination and a great way to include iron and nutrition without any accessive carbs or calories.

It is prepared by cooking leafy greens with or without oil.As leafy greens contain ample amount of water,cooking it without oil would be more beneficial.The cooked leafy greens is then mixed with blended yogurt.Add spices like black pepper powder,cumin powder,chilli flakes,salt or  a bit of sugar.

Stir fried paneer/cottage cheese

Indian cottage cheese, popularly known as paneer in india.It is a great way to include protein while adopting a low carb diet.Although there are numerous ways to cook paneer/cottage cheese, the healthiest way is to stirfry it.Paneer is considered as one of the most healthiest option rich in calcium and protein.

Stir fried paneer can be made by just cutting paneer into samll cubes or crushing it.Stir fry it with onions and spices using your favorite cookig oil.


Dahi or curd is one of the best hydrating food with incredible cooling properties.The nutrition and vitamins found in curd is a great option for those opting for low carb diet without compromising any accessive calorie intake.It makes a great side dish while planning a low carb meal.

Tandoori gobi

Tandoori gobi is a cauliflower based side dish.It is a deliciously cooked cauliflower dish.Cauliflour pieces are merinaded in a tangy mixture of yogurt and spices like chilli powder,coriander powder,turmeric powder,salt and caraway seeds.It is then roasted in oven or tandoor.

Bottle gourd curry

Bottle gourd is one of the best vegetable to include in a low carb diet.This calorie free vegetable can be cooked in the form of curry by just boiling it and giving it a good saute using oil,mustard seeds,green chilli and curry leaves.Bottle gourd are also a great way to be included in soups.With high water content, it needs no extra water to be cooked and is one of the most healthiest option for weightloss.

Stir fried cabbage

Cabages are a great way that helps reducing weight.A bowl of stir fried cabbage is healthy, nutritious and packed vitamins and minerals.While opting for a low carb diet, cabbage can be one of the healthiest option that will fill your stomach without making you feel hungry.Ther are many ways to include cabbage in your diet.In india it is generally cooked in the form of curry,salads and by mixing with small quantity of rice to reduce carbs intake.

There are many other options available in low carb Indian food.The above mentioned are some of the easy to cook and popular in Indian homes.

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