How to make Beetroot raita/Beets recipe

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Beetroot raita

Searching for a beetroot/beets recipe?You are at the right place.Todays post is centered on healthy and easy beetroot recipe.Beetroot riata is an Indian cuisine and a delicious combination of beetroot,yogurt and other seasonings.Packed in health and taste, if you are a fan of beetroot,do read the detailed description on how to make beetroot raita.

To all those curious to know what is raita? So let me explain it to you in few simple words.Raita is basically a yogurt based side dish.Where yogurt is the main ingredient and other ingredients like cucumber,veggies like leafy greens,beetroot are added either boiled or raw.Todays recipe is centered on healthy food recipe which is also great in taste.

About beetroot raita

Beetroot raita

Beetroot raita is a yogurt based Indian cuisine.It is often served with rice/roti and should not be missed on a solo bowl.This mildly sweet and salt raita tastes great when served chilled.

If you don’t like the rawness of bitroot but want ot include it in your diet, beetroot raita is the perfect way for it.I have not used too many ingredients to make this raita, as i wanted it to taste good yet keep it healthy without ruining the healthy components.

Bitroot is a healthy vegetable which is rich in vitamins,nutrients and a good source of potassium.Including beetroot into your diet in the form of salad,in soup,in curries or in stuffings, it is always beneficial.

The combination of bitroot and yogurt is exotic and healthy enough to start your day.This super simple food is an added health to your plate.Bitroot raita is a tummy filling dish yet healthy.Hence a great choice for weightloss management.

The popularity of raita in india has been increased and enhanced with modern culinary changes.There are varieties have taken place and so beetroot raita is one of them.The natural bright pink color of beetroot makes it an attractive dish for guests during festivals and ceremonies.I have seasoned beetroot raita with few spices and ingredients that are easily available, which makes it one of the easy to make food for everyone.

Key benefits of beetroot


Beetroot commonly called as beets is a vibrant vegetable with multiple uses.Beets are packed in vitamins and nutrients essential for human body.

In addition to giving your food a pink pop color,the compounds found in beetroot have many medicinal values.Lets know some of the key benefits-

1.Boosts energy

Studies suggests that dietary nitrates found in beetroot may help in boosting energy.Nitrates may help improving strength encouraging work performance.

2.May Relieve inflammation

Beetroot may help in chronic inflammation.Although there are a lot more research to be done on the anti inflammatory effects of beetroot.

3.Good for digestion

Being a fibrous vegetable it is good for digestion keeping constipation away.It promotes the growth of good bacteria in your gut that helps fight disease and infection.

4.Rich in antioxidants

Beetroots are rich in entioxidents and hence  may help the body combat the damaging effects of a process called oxidation.

Ingredients to make beetroot raita

1 grated beetroot

1 cup yogurt

1 teaspoon sugar

1 teaspoon salt

1/3 teaspoon black pepper powder

1/2 teaspoon cumin powder

1 tablespoon oil

1 teaspoon sesame seeds

How to make beetroot raita

Start making this refreshing and vibrant looking bitroot raita within few minutes by taking a container.Gently pour yogurt.Put the spices like blackpepper,salt,cumin powder.Then add the mentioned quantity of sugar.Whisk well.

Yogurt and spices as been added to the container
Yogurt and spices has been blended well

Now as all the ingredients have been mixed well.Pour the grated beetroot into it.

Grated beetroot has been added to the mixture of yogurt and spices.

Mix everything nicely using a spoon.And now its time to give it a good saute using oil and sesame seeds.Sesame seeds give bitroot raita a very nice flavor.The cruch of sesame seeds in every bite enhance the taste and makes it even more delicious.Now take an oval spoon to give a quick tadka.Add oil into it.heat on low flame and then add the sesame seeds into it.The seeds will start to become mild golden.Now pour the oil on top of the beetroot raita mixture.

Beetroot raita

This exotic beetroot raita is a perfect summer food with incredible cooling effects.A perfect dish for your gut health.Beetroot raita is a great way to reap the health benefits of both yogurt and beetroot/beets packed in nutrition without compromising the taste.

Do share the following recipe and don’t forget to try.


Make your food according to your requirement.The quantity of ingredients can be altered according to your preparation.Don’t waste food.

Key takeaways

  • Beetroot and yogurt is a healthy and nutritious combination.
  • Beetroot raita is a perfect and healthy dih to include in your meal.
  • This easy to cook beetroot raita is perfect for summer with incredible cooling effects.
  • Makes a great dip for tortilla/flatbreads/roti.
  • A quick 10 minutes recipe including preparation.

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