Gulgula recipe/Sweet pua recipe/Indian doughnuts

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Gulgula/Sweet pua

Searching for a traditional Indian dessert?Here i have come with one of the best recipe to must try.Gulgula is a wheat flour based quick Indian savory dating back to traditional india.This recipe includes wheat flour,grated coconut and flavors like cardamom powder and funnel seeds.

These gulgula or sweet pua is appreciated accross india because of its taste and soft texture.In ceremonies and festivals it is one of the most preferred dish in rural India.The process to make gulgula is similar but in different regions,the ingredients are altered according to Individual preferences.Some like to add banana,milk and also nuts into it.

Just like pancake, banana is an active ingredient that makes the gulgulas softer with flavorful bites.I have used coconut to give it that distinctive tatse of coconuts.

With endless dishes prepared in different regions of India, gulgula is one of the finest recipe one can try on.People also use jaggery instead of sugar and it has a different taste.

I have added shredded coconuts and funnel seeds ro make it more flavorful.The best part about this gulgula recipe is, I have used leftover sugar syrup.

Once in a while,we all are eagerly searching for how to use leftover foods.In such cases,if you have some leftover sugar syrup from any of your home-cooked sweet dish, go for this gulgula recipe to avoid any food wastage.

Difference between malpua and gulgula

Malpua and gulgula are two most traditional Indian sweetdish fondly appreciated accross India.Although both have wheat flour as the main ingredient,the respective cooking process differs.


Malpua is a traditional sweet dish which is made using a batter of wheat flour,milk,black pepper balls,cocont(optional).The consistency of the batter is a bit runnier than gulgula batter.It is then poured into a deep Frying pan and then dipped into sugar syrup.It is then garnished with nuts of your choice.

Gulgula/sweet pua

Just like malpua, it is a traditional deep fried sweet dish prepared using wheat flour.Although the primary ingredient is wheat flour,coconut,funnel seeds,cardamom powder are added for extra taste and flavor.The batter is thicker than malpua.

Gulgula/sweet pua

Gulgula/Sweet pua

Gulgula is a traditional dish representing the incredible food from traditional India.Made using simple ingredients easily available in the kitchen, it is a cost effective sweet dish enjoyed by every age group.Gulgula can be combined with tea or kheer(rice pudding).Even if changes in food culture is taking place rapidly, the place of these traditional dishes remains the same.

During puja and festivities, recipes like gulgula is always appreciated.Even though there are endless varieties of sweets easily available in the market.The essence of traditional Indian food has been alived because of these traditional and authentic dishes.

Ingridients used to make gulgula

Gulgula is a simple dish and needs ingredients like wheat flour,grated coconut,funnel seeds.A fine semi thick batter is prepared.Gulgula can also be made using raw sugar/jaggery instead of sugar syrup.As i already had leftover sugar syrup i used it and it turned out equally delicious.

  • 2 cups wheat flour-Wheat flour is cost effective and a healthier choice tha  any other flour types.And also the traditional core ingredient to make gulgula is wheat flour.
  • 1 and 1/2 cup suagr syrup-Adding sugar syrup/raw sugar/jaggery is completely your choice.I have used sugar syrup to avoid any food waste as it was available to me.When you are using sugar or jaggery, make sure to let it rest for atleast one hour to let it melt completely.
  • 1 cup grated coconut -Undoubtedly coconut adds flavor,texture and an exotic tatse to your food.
  • 1 teaspoon funnel seeds- funnel seeds are a great choice for gulgula for a flavorful taste.
  • 1/3 teaspoon cardamom powder (optional)-Adding cardamom powder is completely optional, if you like the flavor, you can definitely go for it.
  • Water as required-While making gulgula batter, it is always advisable to add water in small quantities when required.If you are using sugar syrup, you might need least quantity in comparison to when you are using raw sugar or jaggery.


1.Take a container.Add wheat flour,grated coconut,funnel seeds and sugar syrup.Mix the ingredients using a hand blender or spoon.Blend nicely to make the batter lump free.The consistency of the batter must be semi thick, so that it holds the texture of the dish properly.

Batter to make gulgula

Now as the batter is ready.let it rest for 10 minutes.Then put a Frying pan on the gas.Pour atleast 2 cups of oil to deep fry the gulgula.You can check the temperature by simply pouring a small quantity.If it comes out on top of the oil instantly.The oil is ready.Now take a spoon or use your hands to put the batter into small portions.

Deepfrying gulgula

Now deep fry on medium flame to let it cook nicely from inside out.As soon as it turns golden in color.Transfer it to oil blotting paper to let it absorb any access oil.The texture would be crispy outside and soft and tender inside.

As you can see the gulgulas are ready.You can keep in a steel container for 2 days.Serve with tea or kheer.It is as delicious as it looks.Do try on this mini Indian doughnuts and share the recipe with friends and family.

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