Exploring the richness of yogurt/benefits and recipes

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Welcome to the delicious Indian food blog.Summer is here and its time to add some refreshing ingredients to your food.And how can you miss on yogurt.Yogurt which is known as ‘DAHI’ in india is used in many Indian cuisine in different ways.However some of the best home-cooked ones are here.

Yogurt or dahi is popularly used to make refreshing foods and drinks in india.While exploring easy yogurt recipes, i am here to compile best yogurt recipes to must try.

When it comes to yogurt and the recipes, there are numerous ways to include it into your diet.Packed in healthy properties and nutrients,it is one of the best summer food one should go for.In Indian homes yogurt is used as a side dish during summer.It is often combined with rice, roti/flatbreads, and a  definite yes for a solo bowl.

What is yogurt

Yogurt is a milk based product which is sweet and sour in taste.It is produced by bacterial fermentation of milk.Yogurt is thick and creamy in texture.It is often combined as a dip with snacks and other dishes.Yogurt comes in many varieties such as Greek yogurt, which has a thicker consistency in comparison to other varieties.There are also other varieties including flavored and sweetened ones.Sweetened yogurt in india is called as meetha dahi/misti dahi in west bengal.It is a popular dessert and made using milk,sugar,nuts and other flavoring agents.

Yogurt and health benefits

Apart from the incredible recipes, yogurt is a healthy way to start your day.It is packed with protein,vitamins, minerals and calcium.Great for bone health,immunity and digestion, it is considered as a superfood during summer days.Apart from many healthy properties found in yogurt, it is also considered as one of the best food to include during summers because of its cooling and anti-inflammatory properties.

1.Helps in digestion.

Yogurt is helpful in digestion.It helps in regular bowl movements keeping constiparion away.

2.Immunity booster

A balanced consumption of yogurt may help in boosting immunity fighting against bacteria and infections.

3.Improves bone health

Yogurt is a rich source of calcium.It may help in improving bone health.It helps strengthening  bone and hence reducing the chances of bone weakness.

4.Improves skin health

Nutrients found in yogurt is believed to be great for skin health.It may helps in textured and dry skin keeping inflammation away.

5.Helps in weightloss

The tummy filling nature of yogurt helps in providing dietary demands of the body such protein and vitamins.It also helps in weightloss without making you feel hungry.

Yogurt recipes

Yogurt is an amazing food for summer and there are numerous recipes out there.The good thing about yogurt is, it is naturally sweet and sour in taste and people also like to have a bowl of yogurt without any added ingredients.






In Indian cuisine yogurt is used in many foods and dishes and has made a strong place in Indian culinary.Diverse varieties of foods and drinks are prepared using yogurt in different parts of the country.I am curious to write down on few amazing yogurt recipes that can be easily prepared at home.


Lassi is a very popular yogurt based drink in India and a delicious one.It is an exotic combination of creamy yogurt,sugar,nuts and flavors.Lassi tastes great when served with ice cubes.It is originated in punjab region of Indian subcontinent.Because of its popularity, lassi is served at summer weddings and festivals.

No magic trick lies to make Lassi.It is a very simple process of nicely blending creamy yogurt with sugar and garnishing with nuts.


Raita is a popular Indian cuisine and a delicious summer food.Raita is mildly sweet and salt in tatse.The main ingredient in raita is yogurt where mini unsweetend fritters called ‘boondi’ is added.This is a very common type of raita prepared accross india.There are also other varieties such as cucumber raita,bhaji(leafy green)raita,beetroot raita and other.

3.Dahi aloo/Yogurt and potatoes

Dahi aloo is a popular Indian curry made using yogurt and boiled potatoes seasoned with spices and seasonings.Dahi aloo is prepared by blending the yogurt nicely and there by sautéing it in oil,mustard seeds and curry leaves by stirring continuously to avoid curdling it.Then Chopped boiled potato and salt it added.It is then boiled for few minutes to get the right consistency. Dahi aloo is a great yogurt recipe that combines nicely with rice or roti/flatbreads.


Shrikhand is an exotic Maharashtrian cuisine and dessert made using yogurt,sugar,nuts and flavors.It is prepared by straining any accessive water from the yogurt.Although the process takes a bit of time, the result is too delicious.Yogurt is hanged in a clean cotton washcloth to let the water strain for few hours.

Afterwards powdered sugar is added to the yogurt and blended until it takes a smooth and soft texture.Nuts and saffron are added for extra tatse and flavor.


Kadhi is a delicious Rajasthani cuisine.It is prepared by making a mixture of yogurt,gram flour and spices and eventually sautéing it in oil and other spices.Kadhi is famously combined with chawal/rice.It taste absolutely authentic with aromatic flavors of asafoetida,curry leaves and other spices.

So these are some of the best yogurt recipes that represents the richness in Indian cuisine and its diversified uses.

Is yogurt same as curd?

While exploring foods, we often come accross similarities and get confused about the same.Is yogurt same as curd? is one of those few questions that come to our mind because of the similarities we see.The difference between curd and yogurt lies in the preparation.Curd is made by inducing some old curd or lemon juice and on the other hand yogurt is made by fermenting the milk by artificial acids.


Yogurt is a super food to include in your diet.An appropriate way to reap the benefits during harsh summers.Packed in healthy components and cooling properties,this dairy based food is delicious and healthy.

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