How to make aloo tamatar-A humble Indian potato curry

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Aloo tamatar is a potato based delicious one pot curry.It is called as aloo(potato) tamatar(tomato) because raw potatoes are cooked in a spicey mixture of a good quantity of tomatoes and spices.This classic recipe is popular among Indian homes because it can be cooked within few minutes.

Aloo tamatar is a traditional Indian savory and this beloved curry is one of the mostly cooked potato curry.Aloo tamatar is a great combination with roti/tortilla,puri/fried flatbreads.This curry is an ideal dish for anytime of the day and can be cooked using few simple ingredients.

The specific citrus taste of tomato goes really well with this potato curry.In india  homes potato is a regular vegetable because of its versatile characteristics.As it can be used in so many ways and always an ideal veggie to combine with any other vegetables.

Aloo tamatar

Cooking aloo tamar is the easiest and the outcome is absolutely delicious.Indian spices has its own flavor making this curry one of the most delicious one pot recipe.This hassle free recipe took me 15 minutes including preparations.

The role of potatoes in Indian cuisine is vast.As it is used to make stuffings,curries,fries,snacks and other.It is used as one of the most preferred vegetable that not only tastes good but also has incredible variety of dishes.Indian food is packed in flavor and spices and curries are one of the spicey aspect of Indian culinary.You can have many types of curries here from different parts and each of them serve a unique tatse and flavor.

Moms have the superpower to cook food effortlessly even with few ingredients and there is no better example than aloo tamatar.I have learned this quick recipe from my mother as  i started to know about different types of curries.The easy to find spices in Indian kitchen selves have been used to make this super simple aloo tamatar. 

With endless dishes prepared using potato, This vegetable seem to has taken a huge place among the top vegetables in Indian culinary.

Why choose aloo tamatar

Aloo tamatar

Aloo tmatar is a quick to cook and a hassle free recipe.The spicey mixture of tomatoes and spices makes this curry one of the most preferable for anytime of the day.

This easy recipe can be combined with your favorite staple and the soupy texture of this curry makes it ideal for roti/tortilla or rice.

Aloo tamatar also has different variations,many prefer to keep it even more spicier by adding extra masala/spices and flavorful ingredients.But this recipe need least ingredients and the tatse is authentic  enough to cook it again and again.

This Indian cuisine is a traditional recipe our grandmothers used to make which is still as exotic as it used to be.To make this flavorful curry,it needs no experience and even a beginner can cook it perfectly.So let’s start by knowing the ingredients first-

Ingridients to make aloo tamatar

5 peeled and chopped potatoes

Peeled and chopped potato

3 medium sized tomatoes-tomatoes are a great way to add a natural color and distinctive taste to your food.Tomatoes are the best ingredient while making gravy based curry that not only thickens the texture but also adds its own special flavor.

Chopped tomatoes and grated ginger

1 teaspoon grated ginger-Using ginger in aloo tamatar makes it absolutely flavorful with a hint of natural spice.

1 teaspoon chilli powder-The ultimate Indian spice used to make curries in India colorful and spicey.

1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder-Curries are a great way to reap the incredible health benefits of turmeric.

1 and 1/2 teaspoon salt-Adding taste to the curry.

3 tablespoon mustard oil-A flavorful oil to enhance the taste of your curry.

1 teaspoon mustard seeds-Its a perfect way to give your curries a hint of seedy flavor in every bite.

How to make aloo tamatar

As I have kept the recipe simple, the process and preparations are quick.Fitstly peel and chop the potatoes.wash off well.Small chop the tomatoes as well.

Now take a pressure cooker.Make sure to let it dry completely.Now add oil.Heat on high flame.Put the mustard seeds.As soon as it starts to pop,put the Chopped tomatoes and grated ginger.

Chopped tomatoes along with other ingredients has been added to the oil

cook on medium flame until the tomatoes become soft and smooth in texture.

Tomatoes has become soft in texture

Now put the Chopped potatoes into it.Add spices like turmeric powder and chilli powder.Then add salt.Mix well.And cook on high flame for 2 minutes so that the flavors of spices come out nicely before closing the lid.

Potatoes and other spices has been added to the  tomato mixture

Then pour the desired amount of water.If you want your curry to be on the drier side more.Add 1 cup orelse a 1/2 cup  more for a more soupy texture.

Close the lid of pressure cooker and let it whistle for 3 times until the potatoes are well cooked.Switch of the gas and let the whistle settle down.Now remove the lid and garnish with some parsley leaves if you like the flavor.And the most delicious aloo tamatar is ready to be served on your plate.Do try on this recipe if you ike the tatse and texture of this delicious potato curry.


You can adjust the ratio of spices according to the quantity of curry you are cooking. Make sure to not waste food.Happy cooking!

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