Stir fried potato/A tangy poatao savory

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This stir fried potato is a quick savory with added Indian spices.Potatoes are the best vegitable.Its versatile nature makes it a great combination with every other vegetables.

Stir fried potato is the quickest recipe to try with a tangy flavor of lemon and a delicious mixture of spices.How to make stir fried potatoes?might sound like the easiest recipe and yes it is.But the great thing is, a stir fried potato dish has also many variations with different ingredients,seasonings and spices.

I have kept this deliciously tangy stir fried potato simple enough.Indian spices are incredible to give your food the right taste and appearance.Potatoes in this dish can be boiled or raw.I have used boiled potatoes as it takes sleds time to cook and a great way to use some leftover boiled potatoes in your refrigerator.

This stir fried potato is a perfect side dish and a great combination with dal chawal.Roll it in your roti/tortilla and it is a lunch ready.With endless potato recipe,this stir-fried potato is humble enough to give your food the perfect hint of spices and taste.

Stir fries potato

Adding mustard seeds in this stir fried potato goes really well incorporating a seedy crunch and flavor.I think, potatoes taste even more delicious with a tangy flavor of lemon.So don’t forget to add some sourness.How do you make potatoes?Do you like to add a lot of spices and flavors?It all depends on individual choices.There are so many Indian dishes that are packed in flavors and spices that makes them the best at tatse.For example-dum aloo.

Stir fried potato needs least ingredients that are easily available.A perfect classy potato bite with a tangy flavor of lemon makes it one of easiest potato recipe.

Ingridients to make stir fried potato

A classic combination of spices and potatoes and an effeotless way to make this potato dish needs less Ingridients.Lets list them out –

1. Boiled potatoes-Stir fried potato can be made in two ways either by using boiled potatoes or raw potatoes.Each of them has a very different taste.This tangy savory goes well with boiled potatoes.

2. 1 teaspoon Chilli powder-to enhance the taste of your food,all you need to toss it well with red Chilli powder.

3. 1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder-The beautiful yellow color of turmeric is what you need to make your stir fried potato look at its best.Using turmeric in stir fried veggies is a great way to reap the incredible health benefits of this magic spice.

4. 1 tablespoon Coriender powder-The ideal spice to add that mild floral flavor and hint of citrus.

5. 1 teaspoon salt-Just what you need to give your food taste.Be careful with accessive usage.

6. 1 teaspoon lemon juice-The perfect way to give your food a refreshing flavor and tanginess.Don’t overdo with lemon juice,that mild sourness goes really well with stir fried potato.

7. 3 tablespoon mustard oil-The ideal oli for this recipe that not only adds extra flavor of mustard but also is healthy enough to use for sautéing curries and stir-fried items.

8. 1 teaspoon mustard seeds-Crunch of mustard in stirfried items and curries is a typical Indian way to make your food taste delicious and look appetizing.

How to make stir fried potato

Stir fried potato

To make this stir fried potato,firstly keep your boiled potatoes ready.Gently peel it and cut into medium sized pieces.Take a small container or bowl.Add the spices like turmeric powder,chilli powder,coriander powder and salt.mix using a spoon.This helps in a quick pour of spices into the oil without burning.

Now take a pan.Swich on the gas to high flame.Add oil.Cook the oil first.It is a trick to not let the strong flavors of mustard oil overdo your food.Cook until the bubbles formed over the oil dissappears.Now put the mustard seeds and let it pop.Now lower the flame and put the spice mixture into the oil.Stir for just few seconds and put the boiled potatoes.Add lemon juice.Switch the flame to high and toss the potatoes until the edges turn golden.

And yes this delicious stir fried potato is ready.Although the process sounds simple, the outcome is absolutely delicious.You can also skip on chilli powder while cooking for children.Serve this stir fried potato with roti/tortilla or dal, rice and its an absolute yum.

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