Potato roll/Breakfast recipe/Indian food

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Potato roll

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Welcome back to the kitchen of delicious Indian food and recipes.Today’s recipe is all about a delicious childhood dish that remains the favorite even we grow old.Potato roll is a quick and yummy food option one can consider anytime of the day.This easy breezy recipe can be served with curd,sauce or with any of your favorite chutneys.It is made by making a crumbly stuffing of boiled poptao,onions, other spices and seasonings that can be adjusted according to your choices.It is then stuffed and rolled in roti/Flatbread.

Every Indian mom swear by potato roll for their school going children.Some prefer making the stuffing a bit spicier and others just sauté it in oil with mild seasonings.Apart from the taste, it is also a healthier option for growing children.Packed in Carbohydrates and essential nutrition in potatoes and roti/wheat flatbreads, it can a be a healthy choice for their lunch box or breakfast.

More on potato roll

Indian foods are packed in taste and flavors and hence tastes absolutely delicious.Potatos in Indian home is one of the most used vegetable.It is often used to make curry, delicious stuffings,mashed potatoes and other dishes.One of the easiest to make is potato roll.Even it can be made using leftover Flatbreads.You just need to boil some potatoes and make a stuffing according to your choice.I have added sliced onions and cumin seeds with Chopped green chillies.Raw spices has been used instead of powderd ones.Rolls are easy for school going kids to grab a bite without a mess.You can also stuff some salads like cucumber and tomatoes.


Ingredients used to make potato roll is absolutely simple and easily available.

Wheat flour flatbreads/roti

4 medium sized boiled potatoes

2 small Chopped onions

2 small Chopped green chillies

1 teaspoon cumin seeds

3 tablespoon mustard oil

NOTE-The ingredients listed above are according to the preparation of 4 potato rolls .You can adjust the ratio according to your requirements.Make sure to avoid food wastage.





Initial preparation to make potato roll

Before heading towards the direction to make potato roll.Make sure you have your flatbreads ready.Potato roll taste good when the roti/flatbreads are not chewy.So its always good to let the flatbreads cool down.

Make your boiled potatoes ready to make the stuffing.Chop the onions and chillies.


Start making potato roll by simply making a stuffing first.Put a pan on the gas, add oil and heat on high flame.It is best to let the oil be hot until the bubbles are gone completely to avoid any accessive flavor of mustard.Add cumin seeds.As soon as it turns golden, put the Chopped onions and chillies.Cumin seeds and boiled potato is an excellent combination that gives a crunchy twist to your food.


Frying onions and other spices

Now cook the onions on medium flame to make it golden.In this period of time, simply crumble the potatoes.Now put the potatoes into the sautéed onions.Add salt and mix well.

Potato stuffing for potato roll

I have not used any powdered spices, but if you like your food more spicy, you can add some red chili powder,black pepper powder and some lemon juice for a tangy taste.Mix all the ingredients well and let the potatoes becomes Slightly golden.As the potato stuffing is ready.Put the stuffing inside the fltbreads and gently roll it and the delicious potato roll is ready.Share with your Friends and family.

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