“Delicious Mashed Potatoes /The Ultimate potato recipe/Aloo bharta

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Mashed potatoesAloo bharta

Hello world.Today i have brought one of the most delicious potato recipe.It is a minimal ingredient potato dish.Mashed potatoes is known as aloo chokha or aloo bharta in India and a very comforting food in every Indian home.It can be made in many different ways and according to individual preferences spices and seasonings can be chosen.

Mashed potatoes is called by different names in different parts of india and is popularly combined with dal chawal, roti,flatbread and other regional dishes.It is one of the most preferred side dish in Indian thali.

The speciality of today’s recipe is, it is made without any accessive oil and only 1 tablespoon mustard oil has been added for the raw mustard flavor.You can skip mustard oil if you don’t prefer the flavor. It is also prepared without any powdered seasonings and spices.

With a list of endless potato dishes, if you are searching for a healthy yet delicious one, you can go for this mashed potato made using easily available ingredients in your kitchen.

With a tangy taste of crushed tomato, flavor of parsley leaves,spiced up with green chillies and onions, this recipe never goes wrong.Those who are opting for weightloss and balance carbohydrates in their diet, they can go for this mashed potato recipe.




Mashed potato in India

With its rich culinary heritage, India is a country of diverse culinary taste and flavors.Potato being a multi purpose vegitable,it is used in many different ways in Indian cuisine.Starting from.stuffings,fries,stews or fritter.Potatoes are best to combine with other ingredients and vegitables.

Because of its rich taste, it is one of the most preferred side dish during celebrations and festivals.Potatoes being a staple ingredient in Indian culinary, are considered healthy and nutritious and can be incorporated in your diet in so many ways.Mashed potatoes or aloo bharta is fulfilling enough to provide you the essential nutrients and vitamins making them an integral part.

Mashed potato or aloo bharta is traditionally cooked during big family gatherings because of its less time consumption and undeniably delicious taste enjoyed by everyone.With time, food exploration by many food enthusiasts, social media platforms and food blogs, it came into limelight and made its way to many rich restaurants and hotels.





Ingredients to make mashed potato/Aloo bharta

Keeping it simple.The recipe I have brought today is simple and a quick one.Before going through the step by step guide, let list the ingredients first.

8 medium sized boiled potatoes

1 medium onions

1 tomato

2 green chillies

Some Chopped parsley leaves

1 tablespoon mustard oil(optional)

Salt to taste


Start by boiling the potatoes.make sure to use warm and freshly boiled potatoes for the exact taste described.Now crush the tomato,onion and green chillies.The purpose to crush the ingredients is simply to let the flavors of ingredients come out nicely.

Crushed tomatoes,onions and green chilies

Now take a bowl, put the boiled potatoes and mash it well.Now pour the crushed ingredients into it.Add salt and mustard oil(if using) and gently mix is using a spoon.Garnish with some parsley leaves.And thats it.

Aloo bharta/mashed potatoes

Roll it in your roti or combine with dal chawal/rice.This is one of the best indian potato recipe to must try.

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