How about the ultimate recipe for the perfect coleslaw sandwich?

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Coleslaw sandwich

Growing up in a family where breakfast is considered as one of the most appreciated meal that not only aids health but also is energizing to run the day ahead.During family gatherings or picnics i have seen my mother cooking major quantity of foods that are delicious and easy.Coleslaw sandwich is one of the easiest and tastiest during vacations and on days you are tired to cook the regular meal.The crunchy and buttery taste in every bite is worth it.

Are you searching for a healthy and delicious breakfast?Coleslaw sandwiches are the simplest, easiest and the most delicious.This creamy sandwiches are a healthier option for adults as well as children.

Humming around my mother to taste the crunch of sandwiches,coleslaw sandwiches used to be our go to recipe.The leftover tangy salad is used as a stuffing and ultimately became everyone’s favorite.

I have given the salad a twist of fresh cream for a more creamy taste.So before going on to the details on how to make coleslaw sandwiches.Lets know more about coleslaw-

What is coleslaw

Coleslaw is a salad dish primarily consists of shredded cabbage, carrots, onions, seasonings,mayonnaise.It is also known as cole slaw or simply slaw.It is originated in Netherlands.With time it evolved into different forms globally.Cabbage is the main ingredient in this salad and when mixed with other ingredients, it turns out absolutely healthy and delicious.The salad can also be used as a stuffing for sandwiches and flatbreads.The seasonings can be altered according to individual choices.

Although cabbage in coleslaw sandwich is used in raw form.I have sautéed the veggies a bit for a more classic taste.





Why choose coleslaw over other sandwich varieties

If you are a fan of different cabbage recipe, coleslaw sandwich is the best option to consider for breakfast or lunch. Coleslaw adds a crunchy twist to your food and a tangy flavor that complements the savory elements of a sandwich, providing a refreshing contrast. It also contributes to the overall balance of flavors and can enhance the overall eating experience. Additionally, coleslaw can offer some nutritional benefits, such as being a source of fiber and vitamins, depending on its ingredients. Ultimately, the choice of coleslaw over other sandwich varieties comes down to personal preference and the desire for variety in taste and texture.





1 medium sized finely shredded cabbage

1 medium sized tomato

2 medium sized onions

1 teaspoon blackpepper powder

4 tablespoon fresh milk cream/mayonnaise

1 tablespoon butter

Slat to taste

1 teaspoon oregano(optional)


The ingredients listed above are according to the serving of four people.Change the ratio as per your requirements.Make sure to avoid any food wastage.


Start making coleslaw sandwich by finely chopping the cabbage, onions and tomato.Many also like to add shredded carrots into it.


As soon your veggies are well Chopped and ready.Put a pan on the gas and add the butter.Let it melt and put the veggies into it.Mix well.Add salt and black pepper.

Coleslaw salad

Cook in low to medium flame until it gets half cooked.Transfer it to a bowl to let it cool down.Then put the fresh cream/mayonnaise and oregano if you love the flavor.Now spread the mixture on one slice of your bread.

Coleslaw sandwich

Now cover it with another slice and grill it using butter from both the sides.Use a flat pan to grill.

Coleslaw sandwich

Cut it from middle.And taste a bite of this crunchy sandwich.A perfect treat.Do try on this coleslaw sandwich and make sure to share the recipe with friends and family.

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