10 exotic Indian desserts to look forward to

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Welcome to the delicious food information and recipes.Todays post is all about the exotic Indian desserts.Desserts in India exemplify the richness in Indian cuisine and its cultural heritage.With so many regional variations,some of the most common and exotic desserts are appreciated and loved accross india.

Indian food and cuisines has its own richness that are packed in flavors and varieties.Writing about the desserts that are fondly prepared by our mother at our home is an insight to the details and unbiased delicious taste it holds.

Indian desserts are mostly milk based with added sugar, nuts,flavorings and other simple ingredients.It used to feel so wondering of how using the same ingredients,varieties of dishes Can be prepared.👩‍🍳Exploring Indian desserts will let you know about the culinary ideas and the expertise it holds since traditional times.

Every region of india has its own special food type influenced by the ingredients locally available to them.Social media,food blogs,active food channels have made it easier to find out the best recipes and let people explore authentic Indian desserts.

With changing means of communication and social media, people are constantly getting information about famous Indian desserts.However i have compiled the best ones as well the ones that are easy to make at home.

Desserts in india are significantly connected to its cultural and religious values.It is not only one of the greatest part the Indian culinary but also considered auspicious during rituals and ceremonies.As a mark of respectful welcome, it is served to the guests and has many beliefs attached to it.

Desserts are a means of unity

Desserts.One can say indian desserts as the delicious means that unites people from different regions.Indian desserts are not confined to any particular area or region, the popularity has been spreaded to other parts of the country.Some traditional desserts like kheer, is one of the oldest dessert fondly appreciated and cooked in every Indian home during puja nd festivals regardless of the cultural diversity.

Since traditional times the organic home cooked desserts like kheer,malpua,sewaiyan,halwa has carried the culinary richness of india.Over the changing period of time the varieties have emerged.Indian sweet market has been flooded with endless varieties of desserts full of deliciousness and flavors.

The most famous Indian dessert from west bengal rasagolla which is also called as rasgulla is an incredible milk based dessert popular among every Indian region and home.

Top 10 Indian desserts

Indian desserts are a package of incredible tatse and exotic flavors.Milk and sugar or jaggery are important ingredients in Indian desserts.Flavoring substances like saffron,cardamom,cinnamon, are added.Dry fruits are used to garnish the desserts for a more exotic taste.So let’s compile 10 exotic Indian desserts to look forward to-

Kheer/Rice pudding

The oldest and the classic Indian dessert is rice pudding with incredible taste.Kheer is a dessert made using milk,rice and sugar as the primary ingredient.The incredible taste of kheer has been spreaded to the corners of India making a way to every Indian home.The exotic tatse makes it one of the top preferences during festivities.

Apart from the culinary significance,kheer is also believed to be an auspicious dessert.It is served to our dieties as prashadam and thereby served to all the family members.

Kheer is prepared by Boiling milk and rice together until the texture thickens and there by adding sugar and nuts.It is the gentlest and the most delicious Indian dessert one should try.


Grateful for the opportunity to write on the delicious desserts of my country.Malpua is an unbiased and delicious combination of few simple ingredients like wheat flour,milk,sugar and other easily available ones.It is one among the classic and traditional Indian desserts.The popularity of malpua has made it to the sweets market since so long.

A semi thick batter is prepared by mixing wheat flour and milk.Spices like black pepper balls or funnel seeds are added.The mixture is then poured using a spoon in hot oil into round pancake shapes.That are eventually diped in sugar syrup flavored with affron or cardamom powder.Garnished with dry fruits and nuts, malpua tastes absolutely exotic.




Kaju katli/Barfi

Taking a look at the Indian culinary,nuts like cashews have huge fan base.Its easy availability and dynamic taste makes it one of the most used dry fruits in Indian desserts.Kaju katli/Barfi is a cashew based dessert, usually one of the most preferred during weddings and special occasions.

A smooth paste of soaked cashews is prepared and cooked with sugar until it takes a soft doughy texture.It is then kneaded,rolled and cut into Dimond shapes.It is then decorated with silver sheets.It is one of the finest cashew recipe.


Rasgulla is one of the most popular cheese based dessert in India which is deliciously cheesy in taste.Originated in west bengal, the popularity has grown to other parts of the country.The growing popularity of rasgulla has made it one of the most preferred desserts in India.Tge light weight texture of rasgulla makes it the top preference.Rasgulla is an example of least ingredients with finest outcome.made using only few ingredients,it can easily be made at home.

Farmers cheese is used to make rasgulla by making a crack free dough.It it then molded into samll balls.The next step is to boil it in suagr water for few minutes until the size doubles.It is then kept aside until cools down.Rasgulla taste best when served cool.

Gulabjamun/Rose berry

Gulabjamun carries a special place in the Indian culinary.The texture and the incredible taste of gulab jamun makes it one of the most loved dessert accroas india.It is made using milk solids which is called as khoya where ample mount of milk is boiled until it becomes really thick and takes a doughy texture.It is then kneaded well and mixed with other other ingredients  like all purpose flour.

Small balls are prepared to deep fry until it takes a soft deep brown color.It is then dipped into sugar syrup and garnished with nuts.Gulabjamun is one of the most classic sweet dish every indian homes swear by during festivities.

Halwa/Indian pudding

Are you searching for an authentic Indian dessert?Halwa is one of the best home cooked dessert one should try.Halwa is basically a type of pudding and ingredients varies according to the varieties such as atta ka halwa(wheat flour pudding),suji halwa (semolina pudding),besan halwa(gram flour pudding) and many other.

Halwa in india is known as one of the most auspicious dessert that not only enjoyed during festivals or celebrations but also offered to the dieties in temples and in religious places.It is also called as seera in many parts of the country.

Lets take an example of atta ka halwa(wheat flour puddibg).To make atta ka halwa, wheat flour is brown roasted in ghee/clarified butter.Water is then added to give it a smooth pudding like texture.Sugar and nuts are added lastly and cooked for few seconds fore until sugar melts nicely.It is one of the most easy to make and delicious Indian dessert to must try.

Laddu(sweetened fritter balls)

Laddu is a classic Indian dessert exemplifying the Indian culinary expertise.The popularity of laddus are so vast that you can easily find it in any sweet shop in multiple varieties.However the traditional and the most delicious one is motichoor laddu.

Motichoor laddus are prepared by making unsalted tiny gram flour fritters in multiple color mainly in green,red and yellow.It is then deeped in sugar syrup until well absorbed.Any accessive syrup is strained and then the fritter called boondi are mixed with dry fruits and nuts.It is then given round ball like shapes which are eventually called as laddu.


Jalebi is one of the most commonly found sweet dish in Indian streets as well as in Indian sweet shop.These spiral shaped  dessert is combined with rabri(thickened and sweetened milk) which tastes absolutely yum when served hot.

To make jalebi a batter of all purpose flour/maida is used.Which is fermented a day before to give it the perfect taste and texture.Using a cone mold, the batter is poured in hot oil, ghee(clarified butter) to deep fry and thereby dipping it into saffron flavored sugar syrup.It can also be garnished with pistachios or almonds.

Mishti dahi(Sweetened yogurt)

Misti dahi or sweetened yogurt is one of the finest yogurt based dessert famous in wesbangal region of india and has gained immense popularity over the period of culinary changes.It is served chilled and tastes absolutely perfect.Misti dahi is a perfect Indian savory for summer with incredible cooling effects of yogurt.

Misti dahi is prepared by boiling milk and sugar until it thickens.Some quantity of old yogurt is added to make give the right texture.The traditional way to set misti dahi is in clay pots to let it absorb any accessive water from the mixture of milk and sugar.It is then kept over night or few more hours to settle in the right temperature.It can be garnished with nuts, dry fruits and dried rose petals.A perfect dish for yogurt fans.


Rasmalai is a milk based Indian dessert, delicious in taste with exotic flavors.Farmers cheese is used to make mini rasgulla balls and it is then dipped in a semi thick preparation of milk,suagr,saffron and dry fruits.Every bite of this Indian dessert tatses perfect when served chilled.

Although there are several other exotic varieties of Indian desserts exist.The above mentioned are some of the classic and easy to find.

Key takeaways

  • Indian desserts are uncountable in varieties.
  • Apart from the regional variations,every dessert has its special place in Indian culinary.
  • Indian desserts are mainly milk based that are cooked in many different ways.
  • Indian desserts are profoundly delicious and exotic in its tatse and flavors.
  • Desserts carry a special place in the cultural heritage of India.
  • Desserts are believed to be auspicious during festivities and ceremonies.Desserts are a huge part of every indian celebration.

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