History of Indian desserts

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Indian dessert/Sewaiyan kheer

The origin and history of indian desserts has been traced to at least 500 BCE when, records suggest, both raw sugar and refined sugar were being produced. By the Gupta dynasty era (300–500 CE), sugar was being made not only from sugar cane, but also from palm.0Sugar-based foods were also used in temple offerings as pradhad/bhoga for the deities, after the prayers it is then distributed among the devotees.

Since the traditional times milk, sugar,jaggery,dry fruits has been the important ingredients in making desserts In India.Sweets are an integral part of the special occasions taking plaec. No celebration is complete without the traditional and delicious desserts.India is s country of diversity and hence every region has its own special and popular dessert.From the milk-based sweets of North India to the coconut-based sweets of South India,indian deserts come in endless varieties.Indian sweet market is flooded with various taste and flavors.




Indian desserts are a significant part of its culinary heritage.From centuries these sweets have a special place on auspicious occasions and ceremonies.There is an Indian saying termed as “kuch metha ho jaye” used everytime any celebrations or ceremonies is organized.Sweets at homes are believed to auspicious.

Indian foods and desserts are an incredible part of its cultural diversity.Some if the most traditional famous sweets across India are-kajukatli,gulabjamun,malpua,jalebi and kheer etc.These sweets are the most easily available because of its popularity in the marketplace.Even though modernization brings so many changes in every sectors whether cultural,social or economic.The craze for these sweets remains the same.New varieties come up but the significance and appreciation for some of these popular sweets never fades.

While exploring more about Indian sweets and desserts, the good thing that came out is, we can make delicious Indian sweets at home with just few tips and tricks.So let’s take a look at some of these home cooked delicious and traditional India desserts-

Chawal ki kheer/Rice pudding

Indian rice pudding or Chawal ki kheer is one of the oldest and tastiest dessert every Indian swear by.kheer was a part of enciant Indian diet.It is also called as payasam.The varieties ranges from rice pudding to the other varieties.It is prepared by boiling milk and thereby adding soaked rice,sugar/jaggery or nuts.


Kheer has a special place on auspicious occasions,celebrations and ceremonies.It is offered to God in festivals and temples.The taste and texture is absolute bliss.

Rice pudding/chawl ki kheer


Delicious Gulabjamun

Gulabjamun is one of the most loved Indian dessert.It is believed to be originated in India, somewhere around the medieval period.Gulabjamun was first prepared in Persia and then brought to medieval India. This delicacy is much similar to an Arabic dessert named Luqmat-Al-Qadi, which was introduced to India with the invasion of Mughal emperors.


Gulabjamun is prepared by milk solids called as mawa or khoya by continuously stirring in low flame and thereby preparing a soft dough with mawa,all purpose flour,chenna which is eventually deep fried by making small balls out of it and thereby dipping it in sugar syrup.The incredible sweet dish is a mouthwatering savory you should never miss out on.


Delicious rice firni

This classic and milky rice dessert when served chilled tastes the most delicious.wheather its a family gathering or festive occasion or wedding ceremony, phirni has been a famous dessert since years. It is relished by people of different cultures and hence its one of those favorite rice desserts.Because of its popularity, it is served in famous hotels and restaurants.


The ingredients used to make firni are so simple and easily available. In the dish,milk is boiled until it turns a bit creamy.During the process granuled rice is added with sugar and flavors like saffron or cardamom.The smooth and creamy firni is then topped with nuts or fruits.It is then kept inside the fridge to chilled out.Firni has a nice pudding like texture.You can top some chopped mangoes and nuts on top of it to get that exotic and fruity taste.

Indian desserts like kheer,gulabjamun firni are some of the few examples of how incredible the food culture of India is.But to count the varieties ?No. They are so many and everytime you talk to people from different regions,you will get to know about some different and delicious foods and dishes.

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