Malai aloo curry/creamy potato recipe

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Malai aloo

Malai aloo is a delicious Indian savory and a great way to enhance the taste of your meal.This recipe is an exotic combination of malai/cream and aloo/potato.In this recipe peeled and chopped potatoes has been deep fried and thereby seasoned with spices and cream.

Apart from all the potato recipe, this recipe has its own taste and flavor.This less ingredients recipe needs least effort to cook and a definite favorite of children and adults who like potato dishes.Malai aloo can be cooked in different ways.It can be prepared in a gravy form as well as the dry version.I have made it lightly moist.This way of cooking malai aloo gives a bit similar taste of creamy French fries.

Instead of adding so many spices and flavors, I have used the basic ones that are easily available and the taste and texture is worthy of every effort.So if you ever think of a quick recipe using potatoes,then don’t forget to read further and cook this absolute yum.

Ingredients to make malai aloo

Malai aloo

3 4o 4 medium sized potatoes

5 tablespoon milk cream

1/2 teaspoon chilli powder

1/3 teaspoon black pepper powder

1 and 1/2 teaspoon salt

Chopped parsley leaves/dhania

Oil to deep fry


Start making malai aloo by washing,peeling and chopping the potatoes into small cubes.

Peeled and chopped potatoes to make malai aloo

Put a pan on the gas and add 1 cup oil to deep fry the potatoes.make sure the potatoes are just moist by straining access water.As soon as the oil become mediumly hot.Put the potatoes into it and deep fry in low to medium flame.Flip time to time until it turns light golden in color.

Potatoes have become well cooked to make malai aloo

Now transfer the potatoes into an oil paper to absorb any accessive oil.Keep it aside.Now take a bowl and prepare a mixture of malai/milk cream,chilli powder,black pepper powder and salt.

Mixture of malai/milk cream and spices

Now put a pan on the gas, let it be hot,put the deep fried potatoes and the mixture of spices and malai/milk cream.

Deep fried potatoes has been mixed with cream and spices

Now as you can see malai aloo is almost ready.stir for few seconds until the cream sticks well with the potatoes and sprinkle some parsley leaves for a more flavorful and delicious taste.

malai aloo

This malai aloo is an absolute delight and a great side dish to enhance the taste of your meal.Its a quick and creamy starter anyone can make within minutes.


I have used fresh milk cream extracted from boiled cow milk for a more natural and creamy taste.

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