Phirni recipe/How to make Phirni/Indian recipe

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Delicious Phirni

Phirni/Firni is a slow cooked Indian dessert made using rice,milk, sugar, cardamom powder.Phirni is similar to kheer but the process to make phirni is different than kheer.


Phirni is a very traditional and authentic Indian pudding which can be combined with mango and nuts.You can also make mango phirni easily but if you want to avoid a whole mango flavor in your bowl of phirni,Go with small chopped mango toppings, it tastes too good.




The taste of phirni is too rich and This delicious dessert can be prepared easily without any difficulties at home.This Indian dessert is a classic combination of rice and milk with added sugar and nuts.



What is Phirni/Firni

Phirni which is also called as firni, is a north Indian popular sweet dish made using simple kitchen ingredients.It has a very rich and creamy taste with bites of nuts in between.

Because of its pudding like texture, it is loved by children and adults so much.Tje classic Phirni is made with 5 ingredients but with time the variations in food change and you can modify the dish for a more flavorful taste by adding fruits or other flavorful ingredients.

The pro part about this delicious phirni is, it feels light to eat and easily digestible.So, if you ever searched on how to make phirni or what is phirni, then keep scrolling for the detailed information and directions.

Difference between Phirni and Kheer

Phirni and kheer comes under the same category when it comes to the ingredients.The major difference is, the texture and the taste.

To make phirni ground rice is used whereas to make kheer whole rice is used.A good quality rice is used to make both phirni and kheer but to make phirni it is important to grind the rice well.

The process to make phirni and kheer differs a bit while putting the rice into the boiling milk.The rice is washed off, dried a bit and then grinded while making phirni whereas to make kheer, rice has been put directly.

Ingredients to make Phirni/firni

1 small teacup fine rice

1/2 liter whole milk

1 and 1/2 teacup sugar

1 teaspoon cardamom powder

Some cashews or nuts of your choice

Chopped mango(optional)

How to make Phirni/firni

Start the process of making phirni by washing of the rice well and then straining the water completely.

Rice has been washed off well to make phirni

After 10 to 15 minutes transfer the rice into a clean cotton cloth to absorb any leftover water from it.

Rice to make Phirni

Mop the rice well using the cloth and grind it into powdered granules.

Rice granules to make phirni

As the rice is ready to make phirni, Put a container on the gas and add the milk.Let it come to boiling point.Keep on stirring in medium flame until the milk becomes 2/3 and then add the powdered rice into it.

Boiling milk to make phirni
Adding rice into the milk to make phirni

Keep on stirring in low to medium flame as soon as you pour the rice into the milk .Let it boil for some time until the rice gets cooked up well.Then add the sugar and the cardamom powder.Keep on stirring to avoid sticking it to the pan.

Don’t forget to scrape the malai/cream sticking around the container because it makes the Phirni more creamy and tasty.

As soon as the mixture becomes semi thick, transfer it to a bowl and top it with your favorite nuts and chopped mango.The taste of Phirni comes out really nice when it is cooled down.So don’t forget to put it inside the refrigerator by wrapping the bowl using a foil paper.

And the most delicious phirni is ready.This Indian pudding Tastes so amazing, so don’t don’t forget to try on this and share with your friends and family.

Phirni with mango and cashew topping

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