A short description on Indian tea

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Indian tea

Indian tea and the craze attached to this caffinated beverage in unbeatable.Because of its high consumption,India has become one of the largest tea producers in the world, although over 70 percent of its tea is consumed within India itself. A number of renowned teas, such as Assamese Darjeeling, also grow exclusively in India.

The Indian tea industry has grown to own many global tea brands and has emerged as one of the most technologically advanced tea industries in the world.Tea production, exportation and all facets of the tea trade in India are controlled by the Tea board of India.




Tea board of India

The Tea Board of India is a state agency of the Government of India under the control of Ministry of Commerce and Industry, established to promote the cultivation, processing, and domestic trade as well as export of tea from India.

The task of Tea Board of India is to include endorsement of the diverse production and productivity of tea, financial support of research organisations and the monitoring of advances in tea packaging as it relates to health beneficial aspects.





Types of tea in India


Tea or chai being one of the most demanding beverages in India is not limited to any one of a kind.Because of its high demand, taste and consumption,it is being prepared in so many varieties like-masala chai,adrak chai,green tea,lemon tea,black tea.All in different flavors and taste.

It is the welcoming beverage in every Indian homes for their guests.Preparing Indian tea is quite easy.A few simple steps and the tea is ready.Tea has been an important part of Indian culture and society for centuries, and its cultural significance can be seen in both religious and social customs.

It is an integral part of Indian culture since traditional times and its significance can be seen in both religious and social customs.

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